Copy/Paste with hidden items

I’m working on a score where I’m faking things out to overlay 6/8 meter against 2/2.
To keep my screen a little more manageable, I’ve set signposts to not be displayed, because it would be chaotic.
However, When trying to copy material from one staff to another, I came across the problem where the hidden items would NOT copy/paste (in this case, the tuplets that make my metric game work):

When the “3:4” tuplet signposts were hidden, they would not copy, so the musical material would be re-transcribed to the original 2/2 meter.
I recall something similar happening in past versions…
If a bar was too narrow, Dorico’s display rules would hide a Hairpin between two immediate dynamic definitions. When you copy/paste, it would not pick up the hairpin, since it was not displayed on-screen.
Should this have not been remedied by now? Even if the material is not displayed, if I’m selecting an entire bar, I want the WHOLE bar to be selected and copied, not just the superficially visible items.
This is a big stumble in the work-flow…

In general I don’t think there’s anything wrong with Dorico’s principle that you have to be able to select something in order to copy and paste it. If it were to start randomly including items you hadn’t selected, that would introduce other problems.

However, I agree that it would be helpful more often than not if tuplets were included when copying their notes, and that is something that we have been discussing as something to implement in future.

Hairpins are a bit trickier: you should find that Dorico always leaves sufficient room for a hairpin provided you don’t force too many bars onto the system. You may for that reason find copying and pasting in galley view more helpful, since the effects of forcing the music too narrow won’t be seen.

Screen Shot 2022-03-05 at 1.31.34 PM
Working through the same material as the original posting…
You can see with all these signposts, the score looks very, very messy. The only way to see what I’m doing is to turn the signposts off.
But if the signposts are off - and then I click to select an entire bar to copy/paste - the signposts don’t come with it, so all the tuplet definitions are lost.
If I am selecting an entire bar to copy/paste, wouldn’t it stand to reason that I would want to include those such definitions as well?
Trying to do the work I am, it’s adding extra steps to keep turning sign posts off and on all the time.
The trick with the ` mark is only for viewing - so that isn’t a work-around.

You could assign a key command to View > Signposts > Hide Signposts or an alias via the jump bar so that you can toggle them more easily.

Screen Shot 2022-03-08 at 11.28.17 AM
The Hairpins-in-Galley mode is still an issue.
In measure 1 in the image, I have the dynamics written as pp<mp
Copied/Pasted as-is and you see the result in measure 5.
If I’m clicking generically to select all contents of an entire bar, wouldn’t it stand to reason I want all the contents, even those that may not be visible?

Sure, but really the issue there is that the hairpin should appear. We’ll take another look at that.

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