Copying Inserts and Pasting them??

I’ve searched the fourm to no avail (as the word ‘Copy’ shows up in about 70% of posts!).

In nuendo when I wanted to copy and paste channel inserts there was this specific button on the left hand side of the screen. Well, that was Nuendo 5.1 and I am in Cubase 7.5 and I cant find it.

If I want to copy inserts to one or MANY channels, what is the trick?
Right now I am copying one plug at a time via Alt+Drag and its taking up a bit of time.

There has to be a way to copy the plugs and paste them on channels, right?


I don’t know how to copy and paste but I save the insert channel as a preset and then open it on another channel. Works easy peasy.

Yeah, I know of that option. Maybe this was a Nuendo 5.1 option only.
You could copy the inserts and then highlight the rest of the tracks and click this paste icon and BAM it would put those plugs on all the highlighted tracks. When dealing with 40+ tracks this is ideal where your suggestion would take a while.

Anyone else have suggestions?


If I remember I saw a video about that for cubase7. Check out the learning the mixer video pinned in this forum.

I have watched that video and its a great video. But it does not cover this one thing (as far as I could tell).

When I set up a mix template I put the Steven Slate VCC on Neve and drive it to 30%. In Nuendo I would copy that channel (Copy button on the lower left) then highlight all the tracks and paste it (again, button on lower left) and it would paste the exact plug in and settings across the mixer.

The function still has to be there…but where?


Just watched that video…not all of it but I’m going to finish it off now. Really great stuff. Anyway in the mix console hold down alt clack the pluging and drag it to the desired channel. That copies it. You can also do it in batches for as many channels as u want. I haven’t watched the rest but it’s in there.

Just got off the phone with Tech support about an eLicense issue that is vexing me. When asked about this copy and paste feature he checked and emailed me back. This was his reply…

“After checking further the answer is no, you can only move one VST across channels at a time. That feature you are describing is still an exclusive in Nuendo feature.”

It’s easier if you know what you intend to do first. You can just select all the channels, link or Qlink them, then select and setup your insert (or other) effect and it will automatically do the same on all selected channels.

If you’ve already setup the effect in one channel, then select the other channels using alt click, then using the triangle pull down menu at the top rightmost corner of the mixer, select ‘copy first channels settings’, then again and this time select ‘paste to selected channels’. This will however indeed copy all channels settings.

If as above you’ve already setup the effect in one channel, but you only want to copy the particular insert effect, then select the other channels using alt click and then link the channels. Select the effect on the second selected channel and it will also appear on all selected channels. now go to the first channel and activate the effects window. Because all channels are linked, if you just do a tiny tweek of each of the controls (turn a knob 1 increment higher or lower then return it to it’s previous position) all the specific effects on all the other selected channels will spring to the same settings.

Don’t forget to de-link afterwards

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After watching Greg O’s videos I was thinking along the lines of what you just typed. So THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for spelling it out to me (and future readers of this post).
I will give this a test drive tonight!


I was scratching my head about why pasting to multple tracks wasn’t happening. Thanks for that BriHar.

OK, your methods work great. Only one issue. When I paste 30 channels of plug ins…Cubase wants to open 30 instances of that plug in. Is there a way to paste these plugs without the GUI opening for each instance?


:frowning: No I don’t think you can get around this unfortunately.

Try This
Go to preferences
Plug Ins
Untick Open Effects editor arfter loading it

Alt and drag one by one or just save it as a chain preset.

Thanks for this post - multiple ways to use the new mixer to copy plug-ins/inserts!

alt dragging works beautifully, the only thing you have to watch out for is that if you are using the side chain input, you have to recreate the send.

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this is horrifying. 2021 and you can’t just drag an insert over and have it copy to multiple tracks. Cubase is 10 years behind.