Copyright Symbol

Hoe do I insert the copyright symbol in Dorico?

If you’re on Mac, it’s typed in Dorico and indeed any other application via the shortcut Alt+G (on an English keyboard layout, at least). On Windows, you can type it via Alt+169 (using the numbers on your numeric keypad), or you can simply copy and paste it: ©

Thanks Daniel. 8 years a Mac user this month and I didn’t know that - amazing! (I’ve always previously relied on the method used in another score-writing program you know well…)

Enjoying first adventures in Dorico.

I get the above when I type alt and 169 on the numeric keypad in win 10. but that’s ok. copy and paste works well enough.

On my Win 10 desktop, it’s Alt + 0169. For boring historical reasons there are two different sets of numeric codes on Windows, one with a leading 0 and the other without - and there is no “simple logic” for converting between the two lists of codes!


for me, ctrl-alt-c only produced a capital C, but not the copyright C in daniel’s example above.

ctrl-alt-c on my machine and crtl-alt-shift-c also only produce the capital C as it does for burtonbeerman. To get the copyright symbol I need to type alt-0169 on the numpad (NumLock can be on or off on my computer and gets the same result).

ctrl-alt-c gives © here, no idea why. (Win 7)

What (language) keyboard are you using, or what make & model? Perhaps that makes a difference.

I tried all the suggestions above but did not get the copyright symbol. I use a win 7 pc, all that happened is what I typed is what I got. It would be nice just to have an already available symbol to use.

It’s a logitech, english… altgr-c works also.© see?

Copy the symbol out of this thread and paste it into your score :slight_smile:


Figured it out. You have to type 0169 while holding alt but the numbers have to be typed on the keypad.

Can I chime in here to extend the question a little and ask about inputting extended characters into popovers in general? (I’m on Mac)

I’m thinking mostly about inputting accents into lyrics popovers - unfortunately the OS method of holding down the letter key and using the number keys to select the accent isn’t utilised in Dorico - it would be fab if it could be in the future. The only method that I managed to use was copying and pasting different accented letters in from web pages - e.g. finding é and à from Wikipedia and then copying and pasting these characters into the popover. There’s got to be a smarter way than doing that, right?!

The other context for this issue is putting a title that includes an accented character into the Project Info dialogue - again, I used this copy/paste method, but I wonder if there’s a smarter way?

Unfortunately it’s unlikely that the method of holding Alt down and getting the accented characters to appear will work any time soon. However, most accented characters can be typed using the usual Alt+dead key shortcuts, e.g. Alt+u followed by e.g. o to produce ö, etc. This page lists these combinations if you don’t know them already.

Dear njfreestone,
I’m on mac, I am french — so I have all thoses accented letters on my keyboard… and I have been working on Boris Godunov (which I am about to sing next month). Why do I tell that ? I have been able to write both russian lyrics and the phonetic transcription using the ability mac OS offers in the keyboards preferences. With a simple keyboard shortcut, I can have my french keyboard write like an english, russian, tchèque (don’t know how it is called in english) one, and there is an option to “see” what these keyboards look like, so I can easily find the right keys. It actually is faster to write lyrics with the right keyboard language than sticking with your own and try to find those odd symbols. You might not agree, yet that is my hint !

" Tchèque" en anglais, c’est “Czech”.

For some reason I get © by typing Alt-1. I’m on Mac Book Pro with Sierra. Hopefully it helps somebody.

Alt «G» is the usual !