Correct config for drums output on HALion One (Cubase 5LE)

System: WinXP laptop with Conexant audio card.
Cubase 5LE.
Guitar input via Digitech multi-effects on USB.

I have managed to record some guitar tracks from the USB (Digitech) input device. Playback was through the guitar effects pedal.
I managed to add a drum track on HALion and had it playing through the Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth. (I understand that there can be latency problems with this.) Now I seem to have lost my working configuration and the guitar parts are playing through the USB device while the drums are coming out of the PC speaker.

Q1. Do I have another option other than Microsofts GS Wavetable Synth that would address the latency issues?

Q2. How do I ‘patch’ the synth output back to my default stereo out?

Let me know if I should post any additional information.

Many thanks.

You don´t “add a drum track on HALion and play it back through the Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth”.
Either you play it back through HalionOne, or it is not “on HALion”. That´s also the reason, why the drums sound via PC speakers: MS wavetable Synth is a windows device, therefore plays back via the windows audio / MIDI settings, while Cubase has its own audio / MIDI drivers and settings.

USe a VSTInstrument (like for example HALionOne)