Correcting instrument names

can’t find this topic when i search for it, so sorry if it’s been answered. after importing a music xml file the clarinet part is oddly named (see screen shot) to Clarinet in Bb in Bb.

how do i get rid of the superfluous “in Bb”? (or if i really want to go all Satie why not “Clarinet in Bb in A#”?
Screen Shot 2016-10-27 at 21.56.25.png

Try this …
Select the SetUp tab - top left
Click the “>” next to Clarinet
Hover over the blue Clarinet then click the “>” that appears. Select “Edit Names”
Delete “in Bb” … play around … :slight_smile:


I have been working on this with mixed results.
It seems If I have 3 clarinets (for example) Dorico wants to number one of them…
Cant seem get that to stop
This is from an XML import

Tom Davis

I have tried this over and over and the results are intermittent
It is if the name from the XML file is stuck on some of the players
And some text just cannot be changed.

It is it the program wants the number some staff names without my input.
Is that a thing?

To answer a questio. Posed by another in this thread, the extra B-flat is coming from the transposition label that can be turned off I believe in the engraving layout, instrument names, I think.

I would like to make the instrument names centered and put into two lines with the Bb for say Clarinets. The whole input method does not convince me as easy. I would like to be able to click onscreen on the name an edit the, f.e. to make a line feed after the name.

Well, we have no plans at present to edit the staff labels directly in the project itself, because that will cause a lot of problems when the full vision for how dynamic score layout really is within Dorico becomes apparent. At what point in the instrument’s name do you want to include a carriage return?

I can’t find this Engraving Layout, where is it?

The options are in the Staves and Systems page of Layout Options.

Great! That fixed my other issue with it always displaying the ‘English Horn in F’ and ‘F English Horn’!

I am still struggling with this. Why does clarinet 2 have an extra 2 at the end of it?

Please see the image attached
I have edited all names to eliminate any errant labeling

ARGGG! :slight_smile:
Screen Shot 2016-10-31 at 6.50.54 PM.png

Dorico shouldn’t add automatic numbers to instrument names that have been overridden from the default, but unfortunately due to a bug it does. This has been fixed for the first post-release update, so it should be possible to put things in a more sensible state then… if you can wait that long!

Thanks Daniel
I won’t do anything for hire wth dorico until then

Percussion limitations are a concern too
But I am learning the program in my spare time and will be ready to use it
use it full time as soon as it is ready!

Hi Daniel
I would like to break long instrument names like Clarinet in Bb 2 like this

Clarinet 2
in Bb


2nd Clarinet
in Bb


Are you saying above that the formatting of instrument names as in the attached is not going to be easily achieved in Dorico, or just that it is not yet a feature of the program?


It will certainly be possible in due course, but the handling of multiple players per staff is not there yet anyway, at least not in the form in which it will be realised once we’ve been able to devote more time to it.

I’m also hoping to spread stave labels over more than one line. For example, for choral scores I’d like to be write:


as per “Behind Bars” p.471. Or

as per “Behind Bars” p. 468

I wasn’t very clear from the above discussion whether that was going to be coming soon or not?

OK, wait, I just realised that I can get the effect I need by giving the instrument a blank name, adding some regular text and moving it into position in Engrave mode. Neat!

Might it be possible that in an upgrade a double-click on a staff label in write or edit mode opens (wherever it fits in, I did not have enough time yet to really figure it out) the setup box to change the name directly?

And - like someone else already posted - is’nt there a fast way to add flats (and other musical symbols) in an instrument name? (A competitor uses the numpad for this :wink:) I could’nt find a solution to this question by now.


Additions: When I add a flat from Bravura text or Academico text out of the character map in the instrument name in the setup box, the sizes and gaps between the characters do not match…

The Clarinet in Bb shows a transposition (box in layout options checked), the Bass Clarinet in Bb not, yet there exist Bass Clarinets in A. I yearn for the possibility to edit instrument names really flexible!

Something looks wrong in that screen shot, and there is another one further down that also seems to show the same problem. I don’t have Dorico yet, so I can’t say for sure, but it seems that once you veer out of the default instrument/player naming, you can easily get unexpected results. One of them is the way you type in B-flat (B♭ – assuming the forum can display the symbol for a flat). When we type Bb instead of B♭(B[flat symbol]), it seems as if that part of the name is not treated the way one would expect.

The screenshot above has both in the name; it says Clarinet in Bb in B♭.

Dorico apparently has this cool automatic instrument name numbering; when you have an Oboe, then add another Oboe staff/player, it numbers them Oboe 1 and Oboe 2. Since I don’t have the app, I don’t know if this works, but when you have Clarinet in A, and add another one, the naming should be Clarinet 1 in A, Clarinet 2 in A (rather than Clarinet in A 1, Clarinet in A 2). And when it is Clarinet in B♭, it may not work properly if that instrument’s name is Clarinet in Bb (upper-case B, followed by lower-case B, rather than the symbol for flat).