Correction Tab v11.1 Pro

I installed WL 11.1 because there were some fixes that I was looking for.

On my system, the correction tab now only displays two options: short resynthesis and inpainting (where has Optimal for Common Clicks 3 ms etc) gone? Is this intentional?

And the selection no longer shows time when a selection is made.

This shows what it looked like in v 11.0.3 going back to at least v9.

This is an issue for me because I prefer to work in WL for error correction and the spectragram (rather than external editors RX … I own RX Advanced … or SpectralLayers … which I also own).

Normal. This tool has been almost entirely renewed, with better detection and correction processes.
I recommend you to read the updated manual.

This now shows the length of the selected audio between two error markers, created by the error detector, or created by you.

If you want to see the selection length, there is always this field at the bottom right.


Well that is exciting … thank you.

I did, as always, check the Version History pdf but missed this feature there.

Thanks again and all the best


I just wanted to say that the renewed tool is amazing. A real improvement in a tool that was already very good.

Thanks again to you and the team.

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Hello, although I think the new tool has welcome improvements, it doesn’t work better on all instances. I’m sad to say, but a full replacement of the old correction tool is no permanent option for me.

On large sinus waves with crackle (vinyl recording) you’re not always get a straight waveform but a hard dent as a result. This wasn’t the case with the old tool at all.

Is there any chance to bring back to old tool to co-exist with the new one?

Also I wonder why the rendering speed (using an EQ and a Limiter in the Master Rig) is approx. 50% slower on a M1 machine than it was before on a 9 year old i7 iMac. For my understanding it should be twice as fast with the new architecture. And in fact that we’re now talking native silicon support I don’t understand the slow down…



No, sorry.

Please send me a concrete file so that I see what you mean. Because both correction features are pretty good (the audio detection part could be improved, though)

An explanation of the differences in audio processing performances between Rosetta and Apple Silicon is covered there. Read the full thread for more details.

Interesting dicsussion here but I have had nothing but problems with error dection in WL 11.1. No longer works at all & yes, have read the updated manual etc.

Previously on earlier version of Wavelab I have used the Correction Tab as part of my usual processess to prepare a master (along with pan normalisation, level, loudness etc). Simply: select the entire file & ‘dectect all errors’ then ‘correct all marked errors’ & this usually always worked as expected, ie: shows the errors marked then made them go away. This would typically seem to include those small clicks that come up with the DAW editings and usual processing etc. On occasion I may have run this a couple of times but it always detected and corrected without fail.

Now with WL 11 & 11.1 there seems to be no way this will ever work & for now have resorted to Izotope to try to do the same job. In WL 11.1, now when I select the entire file and run the ‘detect all errors’ function, this ALWAYS brings back a ‘too many errors’ dialog & will not proceed further. If I try to select a small range, same result. If I try to ‘find next error’, same result. If I alter any of the selection parameters, same result.

When I go back to earlier files that have been successfully error corrected in WL10, the same result: the Error Correction will not run and indicates too many errors again. In short, the Error Correction Tab in WL 11.1 does not work at all, under any circumstance for me.

I guess I will next try a clean-clean install & reboot of WL 11.1. Failing that, perhaps it may be best to roll back to one of the WL 10 versions. Right now though, I am unable to finish a suite of material for a client with the usual processes I have come to rely on. A bit of a puzzle this non-working Error Dection.

7.1 Mac Pro, 16 core Intel, 384GB, MacOS Monterey 12.4 & 12.5.
Raw files are usually 96k 32bit FP.

OK, uninstalled WL11.1 & all its prefs /dependencies etc. Tweaked the OS for pemissions etc. Reinstalled WL10 & unsurprisingly, it worked as it always had - quickley found errors & corrected them with the def settings. I also reinstalled WL11.1 and this time it did not give the ‘too many errors’ message but instead found none on the same files within its own defaults.

Raising the threshold allowed it to find errors, but only a fraction more and it went back to complaining about too many and then not being able to process anything - a very small window between ‘not enough’ and ‘too much’. It also has other seemimgly odd behaviours: select all and then when scanning, the highlighed section changes to only the left channel (!?); then after scanning shows differing errors in the right and left channels, some are one channel only etc.

Perhaps all of that is intended, who knows, but I don’t like the behaviour and apparent inconsistency /jumpiness at all. So will keep WL 10 on the system and use it for this. Much more intuitive, consistent and reliable in my experience now.

Please show me a picture of the dialog where you specify the error detection settings.

Thanks, the ‘picture’ is exactly as per the manual at

Ie, densitivity and audio level 60%. The sensitivity only works above 20, then cant handle more than 22. This is on any number of sources & ages, from chamber muisc to pop, jazz, tv etc. Alwayd 96-32 at this stange of the work & before any renders.

I have found the reason for this problem. This is planned to be fixed in WaveLab 11.1.20.

Hello, thanks for getting back. I have made a short QuickTime video and also have a short test file ready. These have been uploaded to my Dropbox, so how can I send these to you? I couldn’t find any possibility to send you the link by pm.

Thanks for your help, but since I have identified the problem’s reason, this is not necessary.

Hello PG1, is there any date for the Update? I am struggling with my projects, especially tracks which have clicks in Sinus Waveforms which really is a pain. I don’t want to downgrade to the old Version as otherwise the new correction tool is very good.
Thank you

Could be the end of October, but I can’t give any guarantee at this stage.

Good morning, just downloaded the newest Update and I have to report that the error has not been fixed. Inpainting still does act strange when used in Sinus waves or similar waveforms.
Can you give us any comment if this issue is still on the table?
Thank you

Some fixes were done, and I am not aware of a problem with 11.1.20.
If you have a case, please share.

Well, I am surprised as you posted on Jul 30 that the problem which has been discussed here had been identified and that it’s not necessary to send you my documents.
This is really sad, as I was desperately waiting for a fix on this matter.
How can I send you my files (E-Mail, PM)?
Thank you

I cannot share a link to my dropbox, nor can I send you a PM. So how can I share my files?

I guess I misunderstood what was your real problem.

How can I send you my files (E-Mail, PM)?

Yes, PM or download link here.