Correction Tab v11.1 Pro

I installed WL 11.1 because there were some fixes that I was looking for.

On my system, the correction tab now only displays two options: short resynthesis and inpainting (where has Optimal for Common Clicks 3 ms etc) gone? Is this intentional?

And the selection no longer shows time when a selection is made.

This shows what it looked like in v 11.0.3 going back to at least v9.

This is an issue for me because I prefer to work in WL for error correction and the spectragram (rather than external editors RX … I own RX Advanced … or SpectralLayers … which I also own).

Normal. This tool has been almost entirely renewed, with better detection and correction processes.
I recommend you to read the updated manual.

This now shows the length of the selected audio between two error markers, created by the error detector, or created by you.

If you want to see the selection length, there is always this field at the bottom right.


Well that is exciting … thank you.

I did, as always, check the Version History pdf but missed this feature there.

Thanks again and all the best


I just wanted to say that the renewed tool is amazing. A real improvement in a tool that was already very good.

Thanks again to you and the team.

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