Cort 5 string fretless

Any thoughts on this bass manufacturer? I found one on Craigslist and I managed to talk him down to $150 from the original price of $200. The reviews I’ve seen were positive, but thought I’d ask here too.

This is to replace my Squier fretless which is essentially dead due to a badly warped neck. (I have since found out that Squier basses have this problem a lot.)

Edit: picture is here.

Never played one, but the reviews I found on Cort’s were very good when I was looking for a bass.
It’s certainly a nice price for a 5string fretless, and it looks good!


I saw a few videos on YouTube of people playing this (or a newer model). The tone is good in the videos, so I’m not concerned necessarily about the electronics. I am more interested in other people’s opinion on its playability.


I’ll pay special attention to the alignment of the neck and the “warpedness” (if any). Since the newer models have 5 knobs on them instead of 4, I’ll assume that if it hasn’t warped already chances are better that the wood used is of a higher quality.

Cort is not the only manufacturer of Squier branded product. Samick, another South Korean company, also makes some Squier models.

I recommend accessing (Nick, you Idiot! You meant “assessing” but wrote “accessing” … it’s a given that one must have “access” in order to “assess”) the instrument on its’ own for build quality, playability and tone without regard to the name on the headstock (or who manufactured it). Some Squiers are decent, even good. Some are horrendous.

Boat paddle?

Wouldn’t buy a used guitar without playing it first. Did see a couple of 5 string Corts in a store when shopping for a bass. Bought a Schecter even though it was more than twice the price.

you could always shred Gorgonzola with it :smiley:

C’mon, you wouldn’t even buy an essentially free piano. Buy a real bass. Stop scraping the bottom of the barrel! Good bass will last a lifetime. Get an American P-bass.

I agree, but this is still a bit of an experiment for me (the fretless). I already own a Fender Jazz fretted. When I’m ready to buy a “real” fretless, I’ll buy the Jaco model from Fender.

I am meeting the owner on Monday and will be bringing a small practice amp to try out the bass before agreeing to buy it.

For what it’s worth, though: the piano itself was essentially free. It was all of the ancillary costs that made it too expensive for me at this time.

I like the tree/guitar stand though that could definitely exacerbate warping problems.

Apologize; I shouldn’t have jumped to conclusion so quickly! I’ve also got a Jazz bass and am very happy with it. Fretless is a whole other world. I’ve tried it (not the Cort) and couldn’t get comfortable with it. Then again, I don’t claim to be a real bass player.

Fretless basses are fun to play. Skip the slab and go contra, Larry. :smiling_imp: I have a spare carved one I would let go of for a little over 2K.

More piccies here:


+1 for skip the slab and go contra !

6 months with one now and I can play left-hand tenths on piano that I couldn’t before :laughing:

I’ve played fretless on a few songs and enjoy it when the song calls for it.

You’ve been on the rack Dave! :sunglasses: :confused:

Its an excellent sound, and contra is not quite the same.

I just picked it up. It’s in great condition. It’s a Curbow51 model, which retails for around $500. He gave me a gig bag, strap, and cable so I paid him $160 instead of $150.

It has Bartolini active electronics in it, but for the life of me I can’t find any documentation on what the Bartolini EQ knobs do to the sound. It also has a slap switch that contours the sound to add punch, but I don’t slap so I probably won’t use this.

All in all, I think this is a good deal. Now to sell the Squier for $50 to make this an even sweeter deal.

Sounds like a great new addition to your collection.