Could we have some official info regarding updates?

Dear Steinberg,

could we have some more detailed information about the upcoming updates?

There are a couple of issues which are rendering Nuendo 5.5 quite useless for a lot of users - at least it is a pain in the as* to switch between 5 and 5.5 all the time - recording in 5 - (because of events on top / lanes) - editing in 5.5 (gridlines follow quantize option, hitpoint/drumediting stuff), going back to 5 - recording - opening in 5.5 for mixing…

  • New Lanes are almost unusable
  • Events-on-top after moving with mouse renders complex overdub/editing quite nasty
  • new crosshatching / overlap concept renders complex overdub sessions to a big optical mess


I heard that “some” issues will be fixed - modified.


I fear that the “fix” or the “modification” will make it even worse, instead of just going back to a solid and working N4.3 style (regarding events/lanes etc) I fear a even more f+cked up situation which results in workflow-interruption again.

I fear that basic showstoppers will not be fixed because Steinberg does not understand why there is a problem. Project Manager and Software programmers are surely amazing talented and smart people but since the latest update I have the feeling that they are not using Nuendo by themself, at least not in a heavy duty enviroment.

Why do we need those infos:

It is not that I (we) are kids who are waiting impatient for X-Mass-Eve. I do not care if it tooks all time on earth to seriously fix things - IF (!!!) things are working then. But like countless other professional users I am in various important and big projects, others are upcoming etc, I need to carefully schedule downtime for installing/testing updates, I need to know if I can use 5.5 for upcoming projects or not, AND I need to calculate financial things in some way - because when there is no perspective to be able to use a working and awesome Nuendo in a couple of months I most likely have to go the Pro Tools route, even if I am a big Nuendo user and fan since I opened my doors 10 years ago.

Whats the problem in telling us detailed infos about upcoming fixes and dates?


there was an answer a while ago-don´t know where exactly- where sb stated that the next maintenance release had to be postponed to the end of january due to some aaf fixes (whatever that is…).

i hope that the events on top behaviour and the click thing is fixed then (among other) otherwise i am thinking of switching to pro tools, too.

keeping my fingers crossed one last time.

EDIT: found it:


what the heck is AAF??! and what is broken there?

I am in front of Nuendo about 70h/week - recording, editing, mixing shitloads of bands… usually heavy stuff… I never heard about/used AAF - but I step over the event-on-top thing EVERY TIME I edit an event - and that is a million times a day. And I step over the metronome thing every time I open a project - that is between 1 and 666 times a day.

Still needs info about the “what will be fixed”.

I don’t want to wait and wait, full of patience - and then realize that things are NOT fixed. I can wait when things gona be fixed…

AAF is a sound for picture thing. It has had issues in Nuendo for a long time. With out it working correctly it makes the transfer from picture editors to Audio difficult and can make new clients lose confidence in spending their money with you.

I have been using protools10 for work since it came out now that its not a huge technological leap backwards, I’m hoping that SB gets their house in order soon. The slow saves thing, AAF thing, slow GUI, 5-5.5 issues… all really hurt on the user side. I really miss REVerence, even though that is broken too hahah. I can’t find a decent automatable surround verb for under 1000 anywhere


Then the AAF things seems to be very important of course.

But Steinberg should not forget about the “music” users as well. If Cubase would have all those fixes I would be somewhat “ok” with that - but in fact Cubase is 95% the same as Nuendo - I have both, and it just makes no sence in this case, because I just have two cars without ignition-key - one Porsche and one Ferrari - but both are pretty much useless…

Fixing the “event on top” issue should be done with a “no” instead a “yes” somewhere in the code, or not?! No need to completely rewrite the audioengine…?

(sorry, I know nothing about programming, most likely it is somewhat more complicated, but you might get the point…)

I share the same feeling, Christoph and when I think of it due to your post, I feel worse, so shut up! :mrgreen:


Seriously though, I do share your feelings. Just 5 minutes ago I was struggling with the slow gui issues in a light weight project and decided to give up for the night.

As I remember, a few years ago a statement from SB said something about more small but more frequent updates. Since this statement, nothing has changed in their update policy.

Well, I am tired as well, but sometimes pain is to strong.

So, well - does it makes any sense to post here in this forum??! Or would it be better to grab the fon and give you a call? No problem, talking in german is way easier for me. I am sure we could have a nice and effective talk, I am a friendly dude on fon, no worry.

To most of the bugs I named in this topic I never ever read an official statement from Steinberg - exept for example after 6 months a “well its not that easy” regarding the metronome thing, a “well, users wanted it like that” regarding the “on top” issue…

PLEASE… Steinberg. Communicate!! We are still fans of Nuendo, but we are loosing patience… All we want is to USE Nuendo… Is it really that complicated?

I just checked the Reaper page. A 60$ application and since V 3 there were 200 updates with fixes and additional features. Not that I want to install updates twice a week, but I need information, communication and fixes in shorter time. I am not talking days, but waiting months or even years… My professional payed projects can not wait that long! Don’t waste time with iphone-apps and garage-band-clones, don’t waste time to think about the new freaky GUI of Cubase 9, please just fix the great stuff you already have. N5.5 could be the best DAW on earth, just with not too much fixes and tweaks!




I believe the one fundamental thing that separates Reaper from Steinberg is Passion.

Steinberg is an old software house that has changed corporate hands several times. Reaper is basically like 3 young guys in a basement having fun. The dynamics and MO of each is completely different. After having lost some good staff to Presonus and retirement, and being absorbed into a really boring corporate structure like Yamaha, I suspect the typical workday at Steinberg involves a lot of strict clock punching and committee meetings. The Reaper workday seems to involve some jamming, some recording, a trip to the beach, and half a night of coding…

I know I’m painting things black and white without really knowing the inner workings of each company, but I’m just reading the evidence left behind by the behaviors. There’s no doubt in my mind that there are well intentioned people left at Steinberg, but they’re wired into a corporate structure that may not give them the leeway and resources to fulfill their promises; it’s a lot easier to make quick decisions when a team is small and independent.

Not that this is any way an excuse for the slow agonizing update process we’re experiencing; it’s just an explanation. It’'s important for Steinberg to remember that the reason we may appear antagonistic is that we fundamentally believe in the product and that it’s so close to being where it needs to be. Love and hate are closer than indifference.

Let’s hope there’s enough blood pressure and muscle tone in Steinberg’s old bones for them to push this product to the level of performance we all need.


thanks for that brilliant post, it reflects exactly my feelings - in good - of course somewhat black-and-white words, but basically this is perfect for describing the overall thing - and how I look at this as well.

My words/posts are basically ment as wake-up-calls…

Because of that:

If it helps to apply the final touch to N5.5 I would happily spent time and money into a train-ticket to Hamburg, I would bring some beer and my mobile Setup with a couple of projects with me… explaining what we need to have fixed and modified.

I am sure Matthias would join as well, maybe others - we could have some kind of Nuendo-Party.

I am sure a small company would happily take part to such an offer which can not be valued in money. But I am afraid that Steinberg is not interested in such activities, keep in mind that office day ends at 5pm… and if I keep in mind that Steinberg seems not even to listen to their beta-testers… well… Lets hope that some movement comes in.

Those “into Nuendo” thing as well as the promised “small but fast updates” sounded like a good move, but I realized not more of that than the related initial announcements in this forum…


On December 22th, Timo wrote:


Unfortunately we had to postpone the update to end of January. Basically
because we’re still waiting for some AAF-related fixes.


And from an earlier post:

After that, there will be another update end of Q1 2012 that includes new features and improvements, e.g. with regards to the “lanes” behavior, which is based on user reports.

For end of Q2 2012 we have another N5.x update scheduled.

From there, it is not “too far” away until Nuendo 6.



count me in !!!

I could not have said it better. Thanks Bredo!

Fredo, I appreciate that you try to help - but the provided info is way too incomplete.

I still do not know if Events-On-Top will be fixed.

This maybe could be done in 10 minutes of programming, but without that change WE CAN NOT USE NUENDO.

Update Q2 2012 - worst case this are 6 months - waiting 6 months dealing with workarounds - just to realize then that the most important things are not fixed? Or “changed” in a bad/incomplete way?

Regarding the amount of “official participation” from Steinberg Dudes in those topics where users complain about these important things I really fear that fixes are done in an unsatisfying way.