Count down on Steinberg website

There is a Count down on Steinberg’s web site, Something new
is on its way :smiley:

I just saw a “4”… maybe it will be an update for Cubase 4? :stuck_out_tongue:

my guess. sequel 4

Cubase for WIndows RT?

No yesterday it was 5 today it is 4 it’s counting down :smiley:

As I saw it started with 5 and now 4 this will lead us to…

OMG: …0 :open_mouth:
Cubase 0 or Nuendo 0. :laughing:

seriuos, my guess is Nuendo 6 AND Cubase 7!

Cubase 7 … for the Atari :smiley:

it’s been years since anybody asked what colour our dongles are!

If steinberg gives me a buy back discount on my old RED LPT dongle with thier old software . ( i have some CD/s Floppies n thier old Manuel…) … they will have another sale of thier products 4 m me … a small buy back discount , = to may be a lot more sale …how many of u still have em ??? hows that ??? sam

erm… no panic!

I think it´s only the beginning of the London-based R&D Music Notation Center in the middle of November:


oh, where´s the count down on Steinberg’s web site? I can’t see anything?

It’s there, but it changes fast so you may have to click on the first flash announcement to see it (by clicking on the number 1 below the flash content).

Nah, they wouldn’t be counting down to something that they have already announced.

It’s been almost two years since a new version of Cubase has been released. How long has it been for Nuendo?

It´s the new downgrade option… for 50€ you can downgrade from C6 to C4… simple :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a red one and a blue one. Thank you for asking :stuck_out_tongue:

Does this mean in few days there will be number 1 and I’ll be able to downgrade my C4 to SX1 and get $50? :sunglasses:

Judging from the colour scheme, I would say Nuendo 6…

are we about due a version C7? would now/near future be about right?

I heard from a reputable source that this counts down to when all forum posters with +2500 posts will receive all of Steinbergs hardware and software licenses. Suck it bitches :sunglasses: :laughing:

Cubase 7 is four days away !

Are you excited ?

I am :mrgreen: