Crash on exit - video window open

Does anyone else get this?

New project - import a video and save.

Make sure video playback window is open and then try to close project or Cubase and I get a “serious problem has occured” error. I then have to force quit Cubase using task manager which eventually kills the window but leaves the exe running.

If I do the same without the video window open, everything is fine.


Ooopppssss - forgot to mention Cubase 6.5 32 bit windows 7 64 bit

Could be part of the same issue described in this thread, but I’m not sure.

What kind of video (codec) do you have in your project?
Do you have the latest quicktime version?
Do you have the latest version of your graphic cards driver?

Hi Bodo. Have latest QT and graphics drivers.

Have tried quicktime files with H264 and xvid codecs and have also tried MP4s…

I’ve now discovered that this only happens when the arranger track is present in a project. Could anyone give that a go to see if it’s just me?


that did the trick. I was able to reproduce the crash and have reported this one. Let’s hope this one gets fixed in one of the next updates.

Thanks Bodo. That’s great. Thanks for all your help