Crashes on opening certain wave files

I use Davinci Resolve quite a lot, it’s my main program. Fairlight as a DAW is, hmm, not my thing. Therefore I use Wavelab as an external editor. It’s quite easy, in Fairlight you select an audio File, right click and select External Audio Process. A file gets rendered and handed to wavelab directly. You do your edits and cleanups, save the file and it gets updated in Resolve automatically.

  • Works like a charm with wavelab 10 (as long as you do not change the length of the file)
  • In Wavelab 11 some files work nicely, others crash Wavelab hard.
  • Even if you take the file directly and try to import it in Wavelab 11, Wavelab crashes
  • Same file opens in Wavelab 10 perfectly.

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Still on MacOs 10.15 Catalina

I may have found the problem:
Within the header of the problematic files there is a channel information stored, like “left”, “right”, “center” or the like, although it is a mono file (just one channel got exported). They were all previously recorded to a poly-wav or multi mono file (6-8 channels). These files all crash Wavelab 11. If I open these files with Wavelab 10 instead, this information seems to get ignored and converted to “mono” while saving and they open correctly in Wavelab 11 . A bit of a bummer…

I think this should be addressed somehow.

Yes, this was recently reported and commented there:

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Ok, thank you. I didn’t see that.

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