Crashing in 4.3.3 + Divisi Articulation Issues

Drive Link

Hi Folks, see the above drive link for all assets related to the issue:

Included are:
-Dorico Session
-Crash Logs
-PB template
-VEPro Server Project

The setup is Dorico running on Mac Mini M2 Pro OS 13.2.1, 32GB RAM 1TB SSD. VEPro server is running on PC w/ AMD Ryzen 9 and 128GB RAM. Dorico running in Rosetta mode due to Vienna Compatibility w/ Silicon

Issue #1 Crashing on Dorico 4.3.3
At a certain point one night when working on this project, dorico began crashing every time I would edit the key editor for the suspended cymbal and then hit Cmd+S. I tried restarting just about everything . I thought it might be the attached video but further testing has revealed that the only resolution to the issue so far has been rolling back my installed version to 4.3.2

Issue #2 Communication of Articulations w/ Divisi Strings
This has been an ongoing thing for me with Dorico and CSS even before I had this dual setup (running solely through Dorico on the PC, not using VEPro). The strangest part is that the correct articulation will trigger if I click on the note in the score and watch the Kontakt multi, however, it will not trigger on playback. Some of it seems to be in regard to MIDI Channel mixups communicating articulation messages on different MIDI channels than the instrument that is playing back. Sometimes just re-mapping the MIDI channels/ports resolves it, and sometimes just throwing in a “nat” somewhere in the score does. However, the persistent issue is with Tremolo+Con Sord in Divisi. Tremolo works in Divisi without mute but not with. I have Con Sord as an add-on in my expression maps and it works fine everywhere else including with tremolos in unison. I even tried, redundantly, creating a new base patch for trem+mute and the same issue occurred.

Issue/Question #3 VEPro Returns in Dorico
I have a working situation here by limiting the mixer outputs to 1 in the endpoint config which basically gives me mixer control over each instance in VEPro (which is what I would need for stemming). However, I’m not sure entirely how Dorico handles and connects with individual outputs in VEPro? If I hover over some it’ll say Violin I (Instance Name) and for others, it’ll say Flute 1 (Out 1/2). It appears as though it’s basically accepting the same routing, considering on each instance I have everything summed to a master fader per instance. As I said, at this stage it’s a working scenario because it allows me to “faux” stem out by solo-ing and exporting. This may already be underway in a future Dorico update, but it would be really clutch to be able to do some kind of automated solo stemming sort of thing like Cubase has or be able to print down stems as this process can take a while.

Question #4 CSS Scripting
Has anyone tried the CSS articulation delay script for CSSeries on Dorico? Have you had any issues?

I can’t really help you with your VST plug-in problems. If you can boil your expression map issue with tremolo down to a trivial example (one instrument, a couple of notes, one expression map) I’d be happy to take a look, but sadly I don’t have the time to be able to do detailed investigation for every problem like this that users post. I just have too many other things to do – sorry.

Regarding the crashes you’ve experienced, I’m sure it’s no coincidence that the stack in your crash logs is very similar to the ones posted by @YesuGuy in this thread:

If you can give us any clues about how to reproduce this crash, that would be helpful. We will investigate in the meantime in any case.

Hi Daniel, that’s not a problem, honestly, I thought the VST issue might be something some of the other non-admin users running CSS and VEPro might weigh in on.

I will lyk if I am able to reliably replicate the crashing issue.

If you want to send me your project along with your best recollection of what you were doing at the time of the crash, it’s possible our testers could figure out a way to reproduce the problem.

Hi Daniel, so far I have not been able to recreate a crash, though, since the initial crash I have remained on 4.3.2 because I’m currently working on a project.

However, I was able to figure out the articulation switching issue. Apparently, Kontakt/CSS or w/e does not like receiving messages for mute/unmute via the same pathway as the base articulations, in this case CC58. I changed the expression map to use it’s alternate keyswitch/velocity for triggering the con sord switch and voila it works so far. IDK if this is useful for the developers but I figured I’d pass it along in case they want to look into how CC change commands are ordered on playback (just hypothesizing right now).