Crashing when loading 9.5 sessions

Windows 8 Compatibility slows down Cubase to a point I can’t work with my larger templates. Not a solution in my case. I’m running a very powerful tower so my rig is not the issue.

Altiverb does not work ether so huge fail on Steinberg. Does not even open in new session. It shows in the plugin manager but simply does not appear when selected in the mixer inserts.

Correct, here to but if I click it away it works… :confused:

Same here, works in win 8 mode, but still…
LiquidMix gui not showing. Grrr [Edit: Got it working, change in JBridge settings. ]

Here also crashing with legit plugins, but haven’t figured out yet which ones. Most of my 9.5 projects are full of Slate, Waves etc. standard stuff.

C10 is crashing only on win10… or Mac too?

It would be nice to have someone from Steinberg actually acknowledged this huge bug and let un know they are working on it. Steinberg’s support is seems somehow inexistant. I remember when Superior Drummer 3 launched, the guys at Toontrack were super involved with us and taking our feedback seriously. And Toontrack is a company that will charge you once every 7 to 10 years even though they’re the best at what they do. They release a good software and make sure it’s 98% ready and there is no need for major changes every year. It looks like Cubase designers often move stuff and menus around to justify there updates without significant changes. Well if you’re not going to do much, at least do it right.

Even if Steinberg can’t do anything at the moment, letting us know they’ve heard us would somehow make up in a small part for their lack of respect in releasing such a premature update just to keep up with annual sales. Their silence is a bit insulting even. Updates should make us happy not angry and now Cubase’s pre-Christmas updates are getting associated with frustration year after year. Very bad for business. They might make money every year with bogus updates but in the long run, they will loose our respect.

I used to think that yearly subscriptions to Pro Tools was a bad idea but at least they don’t get the pressure of releasing an premature update every year at a certain date. Cubase has it’s own non-official annual subscription except it fails to deliver in time.

Alright fuse is blown now. Back to 9.5 for now. The only thing that keeps me here are my complex templates and a few great exclusive features that Cubase has but I’m very close to jumping ship.

Got a ton of crashes / vanishes on Sierra 10.12.6 until I altered to default colours as article suggested.

Same problem here with C10 under Windows 10 - all updated, licensed, no old plugins. a few sessions run though (also with softube-plugins), but some, mainly larger sessions, don’t.

Back to 9.5 and working stable - i am for sure not close to the “jumping ship” but yes, this is disappointing since i’m really keen on using that new features (especially Audio Align and VariAudio 3) but can’t ATM :frowning: would love to have that fixed soon!

Yeah. I expected first c10 fix update very soon… probably in the coming week

I was always a first hour user of a new Cubase version, but this thread… pushed me to wait a fix before buy the upgrade from 9.5.

McDSP, Soundtoys, Audioease and Antares products all use iLok (PACE).
Is it possible that the common element is the iLok anti-piracy software used by these plugins?

We all know the first release is a beta version. It’s been like that for years and we have been free beta testers ever since buying a beta version for the full amount. It’s our fault we do not wait with updating. This is why Steinberg makes use of our stupidity year after year and release an incomplete version not even stating it is still in beta although everybody is (or should be) aware of it. We continue to play the game and do the work which people used to get paid for. On top of it, we even pay to be a tester. Just because it’s our human nature to step ahead and embrace progression… This is a teachable moment of how stupid we are. But do we learn from it? No. It will be like this the next time. The Cubase 10 feedback survey is another indicator that we are nothing but beta testers.

In fact, I was hoping to have some things fixed that I run into with 9.5. Instead, it’s almost completely useless. I am waiting now leaving Cubase 10 aside. I am already done with beta testing.

After reading MRSoundmans about ilok.
I went to my ilok License manger, right clicked, select properties, security.
I made sure all users entries, had full control, I then added my own user name and gave it full control. Ran C10 ad admin.
Echoboy loads and autotune. 8.1 loads. The strange thing is that if I insert autotune 8.1 first, C10 crashes but if I load echo autotune then works.

It may work if you reinstalled you ilok license manger but I don’t want to do this in case I mess up my licenses. I don’t have altverb to try.

Well joke is on them this time. I’ve installed 10 with Steinberg Download Assistant and could try it for 24 hours for free. Just after a few hours of disappointment and frustration, they had me looking at other DAWs. I installed REAPER that is free to try forever without any limitations and only 60$ for a licence. This is 40% cheaper than the annual upgrade price for Cubase. I am done paying for half working features and price justifying useless space eating content packages most of us will never use. I receive a bunch of emails that try to give me sample banks I don’t need, why would I need Steinberg’s? I should be able to buy a DAW only without all the plugins and content I don’t want.

REAPER has already much of the new features Cubase is so proud to annonce and more. It is super light super cheap and super fast. I can export videos to H264. Wake up Steinberg!!! I can work with DNxHD codecs without paying an extra licence. It has Edit Mode (like most DAWs have had for years already) a 64bit mixing engine, fully configurable themes and colors. One track to rule them all a much more effective workflow out of the box.

If Steinberg would have taken this upgrade seriously, I would have never looked elsewhere. Well here we are. You’ve done it Steinberg. Nice job ruining what could be an amazing software with a stupid business model and careless releases.

9.5 works great tho :slight_smile:

I am from Cubase because of my sentiment, because I started with the Atari version. Since then, I’ve met almost all Cubase versions. I did a lot of classes with the students recommending them Cubase. But for a few years I can not do it anymore, because each subsequent version of Cubase contains so many errors that musicians can not work with it as before. Now I advise them to be very careful and try other programs.

Lots of 9.5 projects are quitting during startup here as well. Turning on win8 compatibility mode seems to fix that, but is not a proper solution of course.


:angry: Same here 25% from Cubase 9,5 Crashes in Cubase 10. :angry:

I have checked the colour, but I have already default

Just upgraded from a perfectly working 9.5 to Cubase 10 on Mac.
Two issues: the moment I open Groove Agent (4.2) or a 9.5 song which uses GA, Cubase freezes.
Second issue: every time I open Cubase, it asks me to register; which I’ve now done already a couple of times…
Help! Can’t work without Groove Agent.
Strangely enough, the GA SE version does run without problems.
No cracked software or vet’s
Is it possible to revert to 9.5?

About Cubase 10 Crashes on loading Cubase 9.5 projects, I suspect Kusk Clariphonic plugin.

My test on a PC i7-16gb-Nvidia.1060, Win-10 Octobre update is:
1- Cubase 9.5 loads with Clariphonic and many other plugins, no problem.
2- Same project will Crash Cubase 10.
3- I removed Clariphonic plugin only (not just disable, but fully remove) from the Cubase 9.5 version and saved it.
4- Loaded the same Cubase 9.5 project version into Cubase 10.
5- Succes!

Why does it work in 9.5 but not on 10?
I suspect it has to do with new graphic GUI in Cubase 10, Clariphonic always been a little problematic on that side.
Hope this helps and hope Steinberg is Listening to this forum …