Crashing when loading 9.5 sessions

Most of crashes in Cubase 10 due to 3-rd party plugins. As far as i know, those plugins makes Cubase 10 instantly crash without damp file:

McDSP, Soundtoys, Softube, Air, Altiverb and probably some others. Temporary solution - use J-Bridge (doesn’t work for VST3 though, only VST32/64).
And hopefully Steinberg will fix it in nearest future update.

This version is a catastrophe. Crashes on every occasion seemingly randomly. A new project with ONE audio track - tempo detection made. as I turn off the tempo track - boom cubase shut down. Have not managed to do anything that doesn’t lead to a crash in 30 Minutes. No fancy system - Mac (Sierra) with apollo. This version is useless. I’m angry. And no word from Steinberg. They should write an apology to anybody who bought the product. I hope they are quick with a maintenance release.

Unfortunately I also spent several hours to isolate the external plugins which are not handled correctly by Cubase 10.
Since all my previous projects are affected, frankly to say, I don’t know what is the correct step. Maybe I can find a replacement to the affected plugins, but I don’t want to mess all my previous projects. Until that I have to stick with 9.5 when opening the old projects and starting to build something new. That also means, some external plugin producers will be dropped from my future preferences. Which is not really fair, since most probably the issue is caused by some bug in Cubase 10 and not in third party plugins.
I loaded the dump files in debugger, not having the sources, I cannot find the exact cause. What I see, one thread is stepping to a memory access issue, which is clearly a software bug and has to be fixed. I am curious how much time is required to this fix.

Just to add my name to the list of people having issues with existing projects. So far, I haven’t been able to load a single 9.5 project in 10. I’ve tried the Auto Track Color Mode settings and also re-initialising preferences as suggested, but this hasn’t helped. As I’m already behind with my main batch of current projects, I haven’t had time to work out if any specific plugins are behind the crashes. Instead, I’ve just gone back to 9.5, which (fortunately) I had not uninstalled. I realise this doesn’t help with diagnosis and if I get a chance, I will try to work out which plugins are causing the problem and report back.

I’m sure this will get resolved in time, but at the moment I feel that I wasted money on this update and I’m disappointed that this issue doesn’t seem to be receiving any acknowledgment from Steinberg.

Here is a way to help to isolate the plugins.
The dump file created by Cubase it can be loaded into a Visual Studio community edition.
Then we will see the list of DLL-s or modules loaded. Easy to find which ones are from VST directories. What I did, I started to move (temporarily steal) those DLL-s, until I was able to load the project in Cubase 10. Normally there are not too many combinations by which we have to try to load. At the end you will know exactly which plugins are affected. Eventually, you can replace those with others.

Easiest way to fix - just J-bridge all the plugins. Till Steinberg release update solving this issue

Crash dump seemed to imply that my problem was with the CS-EQ in Slate’s VMR, but this turned out not to be the case. I’ve gone through a project I was working on, removing plugins one at a time (whilst adding the previously deleted one back in). I’ve discovered that - for me at least - it’s a Softube plugin that’s causing the problem. It’s the only one I have installed at the moment, which is the White Amp demo (VST2). I hadn’t even realised it was in so many of my projects.

As i mentioned earlier, those vendors are 100% crashing Cubase 10: McDSP, Soundtoys, Softube, Air, Altiverb

Anyone found a solution for this yet, apart from running cubase in windows 8 compatibility mode ?


Steinberg support has just written back… but no news yet apart from letting me send my MSINFO, Crashdumps and letting me run LatencyMon and referring to their Hints for optimizing my DAW for audio, that I have read already about eight years ago… I guess they seem to have no solution yet.

Hi All,

Just wanted to share what helped me with the same exact problem.

All of my 9.5 projects weren’t loading in cubase 10 as well, and the most frustrating part was that since i have a Yuuuge template (1200+ orchestral / hybrid kontakt instruments) coming from vienna ensemble pro server PC, my load times are about 30-35 minutes the first time I open a project… cubase 10 would shut down somewhere in the middle of the loading…

anyways, in my case it was the Ilok manager and all the related plugins: altiverb, autotune and etc. All my pluggins are licenced and up-to-date. I sent the dump crash files to the steinberg support, where they ran them thru a debugger and came back with a solution to reinstall Ilok and the above stated pluggins. I did that and it still didnt help.

What I did eventually was I opened a new project in Cubase 10. Went to the plugin manager → clicked on Altiverb → then in the “i” infomation page there is a "i (downward cymbal)) button that says “Update information for All Plugins” → clicked on it and it does a sort of refresh of all vst plugins and it would ask to open Ilok and choose the path to all the licenses, also for Valhall plugins… same thing it would ask to choose the path to where the licenses are… and thats it. After doing this Cubase started opening all of my 9.5 projects.

I hope this helps… And yeah I agree with the above posts, this is totally Cubase 10 bug and steinberg should really fix this ASAP.

jBridge is current solution for me

Thanks for the suggestion. It’s been a really long time since I’ve used jBridge but the way I remember it, it doesn’t actually help opening projects that contain non-jBridged plugins, or does it ?
You kind of have to start your project with jBridged plugins no ?


If you create the ‘bridged’ files without the .64 extension, the projects should open fine.
I did this for a couple years with a discontinued 32-bit only synth called Industrial Tones and with IK’s CSR before it went 64-bit with T-RackS.
But this should not be necessary with updated plug-ins.

I have the same problem with cubase 10 and i don’t know if an update Will solve this issue with the vst3 plugins.
I have not use cubase since i installed cubase in nov 23.
I want to ask to to get a refund if this issue is not solve. So much problems with cubase 10 and i have almost a month waiting for an update. Im really mad with steinberg.

Same thing happened to me. Just upgraded from 9.5 to cubase 10 pro. Auto-Tune 8 by antares is causing the problem. Cubase even crashes when I use that update plugin information button.

I have problems with the plugins and the left mediabay libraries or presets takes time to load every time you want a new preset or drag your plugins from the mediabay, Cubase 10 is useless.

Same problem here-
We pay for an faulty major update, that does not work.
I would like someone from Steinberg’s team to give a solution and at least a commentary about it.

Running Cubase 10 in Windows 8 mode seems to work fine for me, but it feels clunky and constantly freezes when opening and closing plugins.

Please, check that all plug-ins and license manager software is up to date: there is no need to run in Win 8 compatibility mode under normal conditions and should actually be avoided.
This is known with slightly older versions of Altiverb 8, for example.
I dealt with at least a dozen cases like this so far, all are up and running again.

Those who have problems after updating everything, please do contact Support (with a description of the issue, some crash dumps if available and a System Information NFO file).