Crashing when loading 9.5 sessions

Hi guys,

I am LOSING it. Absolutely furious at Steinberg, every time I update I feel like I’m getting ripped off. I finally had something stable going with Cubase 9.5 but still decided to upgrade to 10 like an idiot. Turns out, I get a lot of the “crashes and quits instantly” situations, but also the “sound freezes and impossible to kill process until reboot” flavor, which hadn’t happened since Cubase 8… The worst part is that when I try to go back to Cubase 9.5 these things now happen too! This basically infected my previous build.

I’ve tried the tricks mentioned in this thread (Win 8, Soundtoys plugin as 1st insert, etc…) but nope… I’ll leave my crash dumps here (the ones where Cubase instantly quit since the ones that hang forever don’t leave a crash dump…), hopefully it’ll help or you can help :slight_smile:

Of course, I’m aware that I have a lot of plugins and one/several might be the issue. But they were all working FINE on 9.5 BEFORE installing 10 and I see a lot of people complaining about various crashes now :frowning: I’m this close to switching to a new DAW and leaving ship, what a sad turn of events.

Thanks for reading my rant.

Xavier / mv

EDIT : I’ve updated all I could and cleaned a ton. Updated PLAY last and things seem stable but that’s only 20 minutes in. We’ll see :slight_smile:
Cubase 64bit 2019.3.9 23.19.dmp (1.51 MB)
Cubase 64bit 2019.3.10 3.55.dmp (1.48 MB)

Well, apart from occasional crashes loading 9.5 cpr files before, due IMO plugins and Visualbasics/DotNet, with 10.0.15 most issues seem to be fixed.

As said before with windows 10 pro 64bit:

  1. Deinstall all your VisualBasics C+++, download fresh ones from the Microsoft pages, BOTH 32bit AND 64bit, and install then in sequential order … starting with the oldies like 2005.
  2. Get the latest DotNet (4.7.2?), and update your graphics drivers, de-activate hardware acceleration when possible, maybe update your sound card ones too.

If you use an USB audio interface, there is more USB driver tuning to do …

My Cubase 10.0.15 seems running stable now, and it’s faster than 9.5.Though 9.5 is fine anyway; success. No problems with imports apart from missing plugins and audio files occasionally with old cpr files from Cubase 8 even.

isn’t it a beauty how the members of the forums do all the really deep level of research for those folks at Steinberg…!
thanks fiddler2007. well… fiddled!


Well maybe not exclusive but Star Features maybe. Mainly built in meloddyne style VariAudio and that is much lighter than melodyne and expression maps that work pretty well. That said, I spend a few months on REAPER and I found great alternatives to both. I’m back to Cubase because the company I work for is using it and we share sessions all the time. I prefer REAPER’s way of doing business. The company is simply a lot more respectful to the users. They will not charge you for every single upgrade and they do maintenance updates at least 5 times more often than steinberg. They already have a tone of features that Steinberg will release one at a time to justify their bi-annual upgrade fees. I payed REAPER 60$ for a licence that already supports ARA2, video exports and edits, free DNxHD codec support. REAPER also has way better ways to assign modifiers and tools to the mouse and has tones of cool features. Not to mention is it only 11mbs. I’ll be good for years without having to caught up more money. I love Cubase too but I hate the business model and the fact that they will always keep a few features exclusive to Nuendo, again to justify bi-annual fees when they decide it’s finally time to give us a few Nuendo features like ‘‘Edit Mode’’ that should have been included in Cubase Pro years ago.

The Soundtoys Trick helped me (see picture).

In my case i took little microshift.

Cubase 10 seems to be stable again :slight_smile:

Good Luck !

Furthermore i did this trick:

Note – If you want to try Cubase with temporarily fresh settings – You can hold down Ctrl+Shift+Alt when launching the application.
Then i had chosen start with clean settings.

And voila, the test has shown, that there could be a settings conflict.

I deleted the setting while letting cubase 10 reimporting the settings from Cubase 9.5

It seems to work…

Hello Steiny crew,
Happy 30th anniversary of this great DAW! :slight_smile:
Last night I’ve upgraded from Cubase Pro 9.5, to Cubase Pro 10.0.20. Now I’m in trouble with one of my projects.
Cubase crashes every time when I’m trying to load it. It’s very important project! :slight_smile:
I’m going to attach the last generated .dmp.
Unfortunately I can’t attach the file directly here, because it says - File too large: Cubase 64bit 2019.5.10 So you can download it from the Dropbox link below:

Dropbox - Cubase 64bit 2019.5.10

Thank you in advance for the help! :slight_smile:

Greetings :slight_smile:

I also get constant crashes when trying to load older sessions into C10.0.20
For now I’ll stick to C9.5 - C10 is unusable for me.

EDIT: after I’ve updated my Waves plugins, no more C10 crashes here :slight_smile:

Try to run Cubase and this project in Windows 8 Compatibility mode. If it runs, then it’s 100% plugin issue used in your project.


Try to run Cubase and this project in Windows 8 Compatibility mode. If it runs, then it’s 100% plugin issue used in your project.

that’s all very nice to blame the plugins. but how do you explain that the issue shows up in the transition from C9.5 to C10 having the same plugins? let’s face it: C10 is a botched version and Steinberg/Yamaha is dragging its feet to fix it!

Aurosonic hello,
Thank you for the advise! :slight_smile: I can’t switch to Win 8 Compatibility, because I’m still on Windows 7 Ultimate SP1.
The problem is 100% Cubase Pro 10 related, and the Steiny crew should fix it… I hope this will happen in the next update! :slight_smile:

Greetings :slight_smile:

Just because an issue arose with a Cubase version upgrade does not necessarily mean that the issue is with Cubase. A lot of issues, especially in multithreaded code, are timing related. Plugins can lead to a variety of complex timing related issues - it might be that a timing related change in Cubase reveals a hitherto hidden bug in a plugin. To add a further level of complexity, the root cause of such a timing related issue might be a bug in a shared component or the operating system itself - so whilst I understand your desire not to upset a working system, your proud “update blocked!” claim in relation to Windows might actually be counterproductive from a stability point of view, kamalski, and certainly leaves you open to known security issues.

We can only hope that Microsoft have learned their lessons from the debacle around the initial release of Windows 10 1809. Hopefully the greater flexibility for delaying updates in Windows 10 1903 onwards, even for users with Windows 10 Home, will hopefully allow more people to feel comfortable not blocking updates entirely.

If there was a well understood plugin related bug in Cubase that Steinberg were refusing to fix, your concern would be valid. The mere existence of a plugin related problem in Cubase 10 on some systems and with some projects that work correctly with Cubase 9.5 does not prove that such a bug exists, let alone that Steinberg are refusing to fix it.

As a former software engineer, I know bug reports that say “it doesn’t work for me” have limited value, especially if there is no automated crash dump submission and examination system which use statistical techniques to alert developers to those parts of the code are causing stabiility issues. Bug reports with clearly explained steps to repeat the problem are much more likely to result in a fix.

Loading a large project from a previous version of Cubase that crashes on loading gives little idea what caused the crash unless it is clear from the crash dump. It is perhaps more helpful to load the project in the previous version of Cubase (you can have more than one version installed at once) to identify the plugins used, then experiment with adding those plugins one at a time to a Cubase 10 project in the hope that the addition of one of them repeatedly provokes a crash. Any problematic plugins should have any available free updates applied - then if that does not solve the problem, report it to Steinberg and the plugin vendor.

i hear what is said about the complexity of interaction between software updates in cubase, windows updates, plugins etc.
i am running the last windows 10 version where it was possible to completely and reliably to block automatic updates and have not updated Win10 for over 3 years. maybe that’s the problem. so either way, it seems the complexity of it all screws the user.

I have a similar problem. Some plug-ins (in particular Waves) show black windows and fully crash Cubase.

In my case it appears on the computer with the latest Windows 10 with two screens. When you open a plug-in (Waves) in one screen it works fine, but when you move plug-in to another screen the next time you open it plug-in becomes black and crashes Cubase. This actual for both Cubase Pro 10 and Cubase Pro 9. I always run Cubase as administrator.

There is no such problem on another my computer with Windows 7 and two monitors. But today Windows 10 must be installed on new computers and Cubase must run correctly. Please fix this bug!

was working with my old 9.5 project yesterday and it was all good,
wasnt adding any new plugins, just kontakt instances
saved it in C10 successfully and boom, today it doesnt load at all.
what the hell?

and whats even more baffling, I always went and disabled all the tracks in inactive project to narrow down the issue - now in C10 this is not possible.
once steinberg fixes or adds something, another part of cubase falls apart.
now I’m spending 3 hours to make it work.
congrats steinberg

edit - microshift trick worked well!!! to anyone hestitating do it!
1.remove all the plugins in question from their forders
2.load the project with missing plugins
3.add littlemicroshift on the master or create a simple audio track on top of the project
4.resave the project
5.paste all the plugins back into their respective folders

actually its a lot more simple, literally can’t open any C10 project now without doing this blank project
2.create an audio track with microshift the problematic project
4.dragndrop the track into it using a blank event
5.activate the project

I just fixed my problem on 10.5 with the Little Microshift in the control room. LoL

All issues fixed by updating Softube and MCD Dsp plugins
no more crashes

All issues fixed by updating Softube and MCD Dsp plugins
no more crashes