Crashing when loading 9.5 sessions

Is there a fix for this by now? The crashing is still happening to me despite having installed the Cubase 10.0.10 update as well as updated the eLicenser.

Running project in Windows 8 mode fixed an issue, but perfomance really bad in this mode.


You see, that was easy. To explain it briefly. I think you should put this in announcements, so that people don’t go mad.

A few methods to fix crashes when loading your old projects in Cubase 10:

  1. Run Cubase 10 in Windows 8 compatibility mode or run this project in Cubase 9.5
  2. Add to the first insert slot of your master channel plugin called Microshift by Soundtoys and save the project. The reason you should use 1-st insert slot of Master channel is because it’s the first channel loading upon project opening and plugin microshift should be loaded before plugines that crashes (for example MCDSP plugins or Softube plugins).
  3. Run this project in Cubase 10 without any issues with bypassed Microshift plugin.

Other method is using Jbridge in case of vst2 version of plugins. Won’t help with VST3 plugins though.

Using this method solved all my crash issues during opening old projects.

Any update on this?

So I guess next version will come with Microshift by Soundtoys preinstalled.

Hi, just a question, why that specific plugin (Microshift by Soundtoys)?


Have no idea, it’s just works. Try others, maybe they’ll work as well. But as for now, inserting and bypassing microshift plugin at first insert slot on master bus solves all the crash issues related to McDSP, Softube, Altiverb, Autotune and some other plugs

thanx for the tip …

Soundtoys work here now with the latest update.

The permanent crashing situation with older projects are IMO mostly plugin related. Wave stuff especially; just bought a latest version bunch last December, had no problems with WAVE stuff since. Some times a fix can be is to use jBridge; some real oldie 32bit stuff works that way, like Broomstick Bass, Virtual Guitarist 2 and more. One thing is generally: reinstall all the latest Visual Basics, DotNET, and graphics drivers, at least with Windows 10 pro 1803.

Same story on Mac - previously working 9.5 projects that have plugins used fatally crash in 10 rendering it useless. How could this have ever gotten past QA?

They want to sell fast, leaving the bugs and half bugs be, for us as paying beta testers to suss it out. Probably prepare a new buggy 10.5 ‘upgrade’ to rip you off A.S.A.P. of another 100 bucks IMO. Why many steinberg users might buy other DAW stuff more and more … ? They call that marketing LoL. But some times Cubase works nice however … I have mixed feelings buying more Steinberg stuff for a while now.

Thought I’d try the Microshift hack fix tonight which didn’t fix a thing on Mac - opening some plugin windows causes an immediate crash. Going to try deleting my preferences and trying again. However, the other thing that was completely borked was that in 9.5 switching between my two sets of monitors sounds almost identical because I have a calibrated system running Sonarworks Reference 4. Same project in 10 a) doesn’t sound the same at all as it does in 9.5 and b) switching between sets of speakers sounds completely different! 10 is a disaster…

EDIT - UPDATE! Ok, so clearing my preferences fixed the Reference 4 monitor switching issue so that’s good and the reason the project sounded different to begin with is that 10 was opening an old version of the project before I deleted my preferences. Weird! Ok, so that’s good but the bad news is that I’m still getting crashes when opening a Waves StudioRack plugin consistently on at least one the channels - plugin window is black and then closing the window causes 10 to crash instantly (no issue on 9.5). The StudioRack plugin opens fine on other tracks…

waves problems: usually visual basic related, but if you don’t need studio rack, deinstall it?

Not possible. The projects use StudioRack to offload 95% of the plugin processing work to a Waves Impact DSP Server. For now I’ll stick to an actual working version of Cubase - 9.5.

Mac too - all legitimate licensed plugins only. Tried the “SoundToys Microshift Hack” - no luck. Deleted both 9.5 and 10 preferences which did fix an issue I was having with Sonarworks Reference 4 not working properly in 10 but the black plugin window crash when opening plugin windows remains. (Crashing when loading 9.5 sessions - Cubase - Steinberg Forums)

UPDATE: To be clear, I haven’t had crashes when loading 9.5 projects in 10 on my Mac. My issue appears to be specific to a certain plugin when opening the plugin window: C10 + Waves Studiorack - Crashes on Mac but not Win - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

totally with you on this!!!
out of curiosity: what are the Cubase exclusive features that you mention?

a fellow frustratee…

I just tried my projects that wouldn’t load in Cubase 10 earlier with the new release 10.0.15 …

And they now DO load without problems. I don’t know what changed but it wasn’ t something I did :wink:.
(Note: The Soundtoys plugin trick didn’t work for me in older versions of Cubase 10 either)

I can’t find anything in the version history that might indicate this fix, but I’m sure something related must have changed in this latest release.

Do any of you have the same experience with Cubase Pro 10.0.15 related to this previous defect ?