Crazy GUI Text Thing

Hey all, anybody seen anything like this? My Nuendo is speaking in tongues. It’s the only app on my MacBook Pro doing this. I don’t recall a specific change to make this happen (OS updates or Nuendo updates). I did update Nuendo to the latest build once this happened but it didn’t change anything. It’s not in every text field, but it’s in most. And if I select a field to edit it, the text displays normally. Anybody have any thoughts on how to fix it?

Just chatted with support. The solution is Nuendo → Settings → User Interface. Make sure the “Disable GPU Acceleration” box is checked. Here’s the thread about it from the Cubase forum: Cubase 12 - GUI problems, Illegible words, alien alphabet letters on MacOS

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Thanks! That was driving me nuts too.

This is STILL a thing! I hope they fix that. I’ve never seen anything like it in another program, and the issue should not be thrown under the rug and should be fixed