Cubase 12 - GUI problems, Illegible words, alien alphabet letters on MacOS

Hello Cubase Hivemind!!

First day on C12 and the problem I’m having is that a lot of the letters in track names, send/bus names, and menus are all scrambled and gibberished in to some sort of alien language. I have completely wiped C12 and re-installed, but that didn’t fix anything. Any thoughts?

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I have seen something similar recently. Are you on macOS 12? What screen resolution do you use, please?

Could you try in the Cubase Safe Start Mode [Disable preferences], please?

macOS 12.3.1
MacStudio M1 Max, 64GB Ram

Interesting… I have a 4k screen that I scale down to 2k (2560x1440) so I can see things bigger. When I change/scale the screen resolution to 4k (3840x2160) the graphics correct themselves. But then going back to 2k they get scrambled again.

When I open in safe mode with “preferences” disabled, the problem persists… but when I open in safe mode with “preferences and plugins” disabled, the problem goes away. Does this mean there is a bad plugin causing this problem?


Yes, any plug-in does this.

@Martin.Jirsak So how do I know which plug-in is causing the issue?

Also, I am running Nuendo 12 on the same computer without any problem.

I’m not sure what Martin is saying – but I think it comes down to this (not my area of expertise tbh):
If you want everything to look good without using Hidpi in Cubase, you would need to use a resolution that is divisible by an even integer from the native resolution of the display, so with a , e.g., 2, 4, etc.

So with a 3840x2160 display, only 1920x1080 would work, but 2560x1440 wouldn’t, in this scenario.

That’s why there’s a HiDPI option in Preferences>General, using that the scaling works correctly.

Did you activate HiDPI in Nuendo?

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Thanks for the help @steve

I’ve never activated HiDPI in either. I’m looking in the preferences now and I don’t see anything there. I am on a Mac, is the HiDPI a PC preference?

@steve This is not my area of expertise either, but surely changing the screen resolution shouldn’t change the font used in an application?

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Yeah, well it looks like I’m way off base here. That idea must be from the olden times of ancient computers such as The Apple IIsi and the Performa. D’oh.


I replied “it’s because of plug-in” because of this info:

Myself I don’t understand how could a plug-in affect the font on Cubase. But you said it’s working as expected without 3rd party plug-ins.

You could try to remove the plug-ins by groups to find out, which is the problematic one.

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Ok, I think I’ve found the solution… there is a “disable GPU acceleration” option in “preferences/user interface” that was unchecked (meaning C12 was using GPU acceleration) and the second I ticked the box, disabling GPU acceleration, all the problems went away. Hope this helps someone else out there. Screenshot of how I’ve set the preference:



Interesting! Thank you for sharing.

I love how bugs like that are marked with a “solution”.
This is obviously not a solution but a real issue that needs to get fixed by the developers !
No wonder why there are still dozens of bugs that haven’t been fixed for years, just because someone found a “workaround” solution !
Okay, that’s sometimes good to find workarounds, but this clearly should not be definitive solutions.
The devs will think this is some kind of user mistake and never fix it.

I added it to the Issues WIKI.


Thanks @Louis_R !!

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That is what the forum is for, it’s marked as solved because other ppl with the same issue can find this workaround and get on with their lives lol this is not a support site.

This should be reported via a ticket to Steinberg support, if the users or moderators don’t create that ticket it probably will not get fix.

But ppl come here find workaround so the solution flag really helps let ppl know there is a “solution” when searching. i.e. a way to carry on creating music. And some ppl get a solution and it’s all they want, they do not want the hassle of creating a support ticket so a work around is all they need.

I would not think it’s safe to assume the forum replaces a support ticket. Otherwise it’s like saying “I never told support I had an issue, and now I’m fed up they did not fix it” lol

It is not reasonable for us to expect support to read 100s of comment to find one issue to work on lol.
In this link below it states that support do not monitor the forum though you can use the forum links in your tickets.

@Louis_R if your list of bugs you found are in this forum but the users have not raised support tickets then they will not get fixed. Unless the moderators have kindly raised the tickets which isn’t their bag.

So you best add a column to your Wiki for “Support Ticket Raised” because without that your not really tracing bugs, your tracing what users have said to other users.


I’ve been waiting for this to be fixed for months, but it is still an issue with 12.0.50. Such a frustrating issue for an expensive professional recording program.

Perfect man that fixed it…Thank you for the help

Just upgraded my Mac to an Apple silicon model for the first time and this problem has appeared . Never happened with Intel models. I am also working around it by disabling GPU Acceleration. But what is the repercussion of disabling that? What are we giving up?
Thank you!