Create markers on clip Start/End (Montage)

Hi guys,

Probably a dead simple question but I am trying to find an easy way to create start and end markers for my clips in a Montage.

It could be Generic Markers, Region Markers, CD markers, it doesn’t matter.

I would like to be able to select a clip, click the command and have the Start/End markers generated (sort of how it happens with Cubase and cycle markers…

What’s the quickest way to do this?

Thanks in advance!

I suggest using the CD Wizard. I forgot what the default shortcut was to call up the CD Wizard but you can find the CD Wizard button in the CD Tab to open the CD Wizard.

Then, in the CD Wizard, find the right settings to generate the markers you’d like to generate for each clip as well as some other options.

See the attached screen shots for some help:
CD Wizard Button.png
CD Wizard.png


In Montage tab “Insert”
select clip, then hover with mouse point at CD Track red markers
key command “C” for CD Track Start and CD Track End
e.t.c for white, green or pink markers

regards S-EH

Hi S-EH,

That’s what I was doing, however, this creates the markers where at the cursor’s location, not the start and end points of the clip.

Am I missing something?

Thank Justin, that worked!

It’s strange that you cannot just do this throught the Marker Functions though. It’s a very logical thing to do.

Yeah, I don’t know…there are a few things in the CD Wizard that I wish you could do more natively and assign more direct shortcuts to such as “Quantize Markers To Nearest CD Frame”. It would be nice to assign a direct shortcut to this rather than call up the CD Wizard, and then load the preset that only does “Quantize Markers To Nearest CD Frame”.

My current need/want/desire:

I want the markers to automatically reset if one creates a new (longer or shorter) version of the source for a clip. IOW: if the component WAV files change, I want the option of the markers to auto-resize to fit.

Did you check this?

No, sir.

I’m actually still using WL7. Didn’t know this feature was now in WL9 BECAUSE I NEVER GOT A DEMO LICENSE FROM SB AFTER WAITING TWO MONTHS! As soon as I HEAR BACK FROM STEINBERG I’ll get the update and enjoy it. :smiley:

(Just letting you know… SB customer service in America ain’t that great.)


I can’t disagree, I don’t think they really have enough resources and then WaveLab user base is small compared to Cubase so that makes it worse. I don’t get the impression that WaveLab support in the US is very serious. It’s too bad it has to be split up by country or region.

For most issues, you’ll get the best support here from PG himself but he usually can’t get into authorization and other administrative issues. However, if you have a technical question or problem, this is the place to come regardless of your geographical location.

I use Cntrl+PageUp and Cntrl+PageDown to go quickly to the start or to the end of the next clip. Then insert marker to cursor’s position. But it will be great to select a clip and insert two markers with one command.

The CD Wizard can do this for all clips in one easy command. Then use the shortcuts to move to each clip or to each marker and double check the placements. Sometimes for overlapping clips, the marker placement is not ideal and has to be moved father back in time to not cut off the first beat of the next song.

Make an selection in Audio File or Montage

Go to the “Insert Tab”

Create CD Track from Selection
by clicking at the red markers symbol ><
or use shortcut “C”

regards S-EH