Creating new Instruments

Dear all,

I already apologize for all the questions I’m going to have that I don’t even know about at the moment… :blush:

I want to create an instrument (Waterphone) and have no clue how to start. I would like to notate it on a 5-line staff and then later assign the right sounds to each line or note head. I tried creating an empty percussion kit but then I can only add instruments that already exist… What is the procedure that Dorico works with for creating this kind of new instruments?

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Félix, at the moment you have to use one of the pre-programmed instruments and change its name. There currently isn’t a way to create completely new instruments. Choose something you never use and just rename it (and perhaps save the name as a new default). On espère que cet functionalité nous viendra bientôt.

Ahhh, that was enlightening. Un tout grand merci, Romanos.

De rien!

(I should clarify: you can technically create a new instrument by editing the XML program files or by creating an instrument in another program and importing it into your project, but these are obviously workarounds.)