I’d like to be able to add a staff for it, with a percussion map. It doesn’t exist in Dorico’s instrumental repertoire.

Someone posted about it last year, which has me wondering whether there are plans to facilitate the creation of instruments by end users of the application. I really don’t like hack-ish workarounds.

I’m thinking of a single-line staff. It would also be super cool if I could configure the instrument to play notes randomly, obviously within a specified range – either as a “Natural” technique, or according to some notation.


We are certainly planning on adding features to allow you to edit existing instrument definitions and to define your own, but unfortunately this will not be part of the next major version, at least not its initial release. It’s really a very significant amount of work given the richness of the data Dorico holds about instruments, so it’s something that will require a concerted effort to achieve.


While I’m sad to read it won’t be part of 4.0, I am happy to see it may well be a “dot” update.

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The dot updates are always the best.