!CRITICAL! Copy Channel Setting

I spend almost 1 hour to making one complicated patch, and after that sh*ty bug all down the drain! :imp:

how to reproduce:

  1. Creat Empty Project
  2. Add any VSTi (i’m using 3rd party, Omnisphere)
  3. add Sampler/Instrument Track
  4. Open Channel Editor of Sampler track, put something at Insert
  5. in Sampler Track Channel Editor - Copy Channel Settings
  6. Open VSTi channel settings - paste channel settings

after this steps VSTi stops opening, and there no access to it. if i press Edit Instrument i have bugged GUI of sampler track. (attachments)

Cubase 10.0.20

This bug also can be reproduced without Sampler Track, any Instrument

Gonna have to do a process of elimination…

Start in Cubase Safe Start Mode

Still happen?

**No->**Delete prefs using Safe Start dialog

Yes-> Eliminate Omnisphere

Start Cubase normally:

  1. New Empty Project
  2. Add an instance of Halion Sonic SE
  3. add Sampler Track
  4. Open Channel Editor of Sampler track, put something at Insert
  5. in Sampler Track Channel Editor>Functions menu: Copy Channel Settings
  6. in VSTi channel settings>Functions menu: paste channel settings

What’s the result?


Windows 1903

os x mojave 10.14.5

Confirmed. Same result here. After ‘paste channel settings’ the Halion Sonic instrument points to the audio output of the Sampler Track.
Personally I wouldn’t copy plugins in this way, but it is nonetheless a bug worth knowing about. Thanks djgraver.


EDIT - This happens with Instrument Tracks, but not Instrument Racks.

Actually, this is a nastier bug than I initially thought. It occurs no matter how you copy channel settings. And it is NOT specific to the Sampler Track, but to ALL instrument tracks!

When attempting to copy and paste channel settings, what Cubase appears to be doing is also copying and pasting the entire instrument track. Eg. you have Synth1 on track 1, and Synth2 on track 2. Copy the channel settings of track 2 to track 1 and you will lose Synth1 - it will be replaced by a copy of Synth2.

If this is intentional, it’s not the kind of behaviour I want from a function labeled ‘copy channel settings’…

Instrument racks don’t have this problem.


tested with Padshop & halion se.

copy chanel settings copy also Instrument plugin.

Having said all of this, I can’t think of a situation where I’m likely to actually hit this bug. Different sound sources need different treatments, so I’d be unlikely to copy channel settings in this way. And for multiple source processing I’d use Group tracks.

Still, it’s a bug, I think. Can anyone else confirm?

im too often use this function,set inserts, sends & Routings,Channel Strip, to new instrument. & i dont want make it one by one with mouse. it drives me crazy.

goddammit. good that I searched this first. I noticed that as well today working in Cubase 10 Pro! I had to paste the channel settings using a different synth and suddenly, the synth was gone and replaced with another instrument where I copied the channel settings from. so it is a bug. I am hoping to see this fixed in a new release.

just saw that there is a 10.0.30 version out since June - are you guys using this? I was using 10.0.20. Installing now to check if the bug still exists.

Nope! Problem still persists in Cubase Pro 10.0.30

confitm 10.0.30 still exist


This is an known issue CAN-22745 and it will be fixed in the next maintenance update.

great news! thanks!


This issue has been fixed in Cubase 10.0.40 update.