Cross fade


Recently converted from pt’s to C6 windows 7. Everything moving along great on our project but randomly opened our existing project(s) and…poof…the cross fades no longer work (X) and when I navigate to the audio tab->crossfade the “crossfade” option is highlighted grey and will not allow me to use it. I’ve opened multiple projects and the problem remains.

Manual? Read it and did everything they told me to do. Same problem.

I suspect this to be a global preference issue but I can’t find the option anywhere in C6 to turn crossfades back on.

Help! :slight_smile:




This is a bug!

Deleting the ‘preference’ folder seems to be the answer on a MAC. As I am on a PC before I move, and attempt to fix this problem, will the aforementioned solution work on a PC?


Windows 7?

Edit 2:

Uninstall → Reinstall is the answer

At this point, my question is…why? It was solid for a couple of months then all the of the sudden(as described earlier)…poof!

I’m not sure what gets a quicker response; emailing steinberg tech support or posting a thread? I guess only time will tell.