Crossgrade to Nuendo now less than 400USD

Check out the promo:

Apparently you lose your Cubase licence when you crossgrade.

Nuendo 10 is out very soon so factor in that upgrade price as well.

You are entitled to update to Nuendo 10 for free later in Q2 2019
when using this crossgrade offer.

Is there any information how long the sale promotion will last? There was no info in the email :frowning:

I am currently Cubase 10 user and struggling with myself whether I should take the cross grade chance as this would also mean that I would loose my current Cubase 10 features (which I am actively using) until the release of Nuendo 10.

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in the crossgrade operation to N8 my actual C10 license was replaced by the new one at the registrazion, or the N8 was placed in my account without affecting my actual C10 license?

Otherwise, if is replaced, i cannot open anymore C10?

The crossgrade will definitely replace your existing Cubase 10 license so you won’t be able to use Cubase 10 anymore.

Therefore the question when this crossgrade will be effective - directly after the purchase or not before the license upgrade in the eLicenser Control Center?. Latter would mean that there is a chance that you could postpone your crossgrade until the arrival of Nuendo 10 - and in the meantime you could still use your Cubase 10 license.



There shouldn’t be any confusion about this, it’s the same process as any update or upgrade:

When you buy the crossgrade you will as always get an activation code to activate the new license. As long as you don’t activate the Nuendo license nothing will happen with your C10 license (the license is on your dongle and is not aware of you buying anything).

Entering the activation code will check that you have a Cubase license (C4 or above) on your dongle to qualify, and switch the license on your dongle from Cubase to Nuendo 8 (Nuendo 10 later due to prolonged grace period).

Of course there will be a full install available for you after your activation, you can’t already have what you just bought a license for…

Thanks.! Yes, ok - this is what I thought but just more double-checking I guess… :slight_smile: (deleted my earlier post now)

When you buy this, the info is given on the checkout page, and is clear. it replaces your Cubase license.

see image:

Wow! This is great! I’ll crossgrade for sure. Does someone know when Nuendo 10 will be released?

I’m on Cubase 9.5.41. If I cross grade now, would I still qualify for the free Nuendo 10 update in Q2?

Here’s my question: Once you go over to Nuendo, will version upgrade fees be higher than the $99 bucks we usually pay for Cubase version releases?

Looks like you’d be better off buying a really old version of cubase - back to C4?! Crossgrading that and keeping the current cubase license.

If you are just into music production, is there anything helpful/nice that Nuendo will offer on top of Cubase?

Now that´s exactly what the passage you just quoted is saying - isn´t it?

Its a good question…

FWIW - I can remember one such upgrade costing twice that; no idea how typical that is… :wink:

Try the trial version out first to make sure it meets your expectations/needs.

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Just trying to make sure since other posters are on C10 asking these questions. This is a pretty righteous deal, and I see on the purchase page that the cross grade price applies to Cubase 4 on up. I guess it isn’t too good to be true after all, wow.

Yes, updating Nuendo will cost more than updating Cubase. You can check current update prices at the online shop for Nuendo, e g N7 to N8. (To be fair you should compare that price with $149 for Cubase update, since N8 in addition to C9 also includes C9.5 features). Also, I think sales for Nuendo updates is much more rare (I don’t remember seeing any).

I don’t think the current update prices are discounted (only full price and crossgrade), so there you can get a picture of what to expect in the future too. N10 update will be free for crossgraders (not for crossdressers!), but then updating will cost more. That’s natural, since Nuendo is a bigger program with many additional features for proaudio users.