Ctrl+Alt+UP key command does not work with my Dorico

so Ctrl Alt Uparrow should be “moving selected note octave up/down”, but it never worked for me.What should I do to make it work so I can move octave up and down please?
By the way, I’m pc user

See https://helpcenter.steinberg.de/hc/en-us/articles/206845970-Conflicting-Windows-shortcuts-with-Dorico-s-note-input-shortcut

Nop, I checked my Hotkeys just now, nothing is using ctrl alt up-arrow , not my visual card either.

By the way, I just update my Graphic card’s Driver, its 3050 not Intel graphic card, so don’t know what to do right now

So I saw this question

It has the same question as I, but Unfortunately, since I’m not using core Graphic card, I cant solve this problem by Upgrade Intel’s Graphic Card Drives.
What I did is to add a key command to “raise/Lower Notes IN Octave”, I use [alt+page up/down].