Cubase 10.0.20 - DOP - Please bring back the function of pressing the ENTER key, executes the process.

In Direct Offline Process
Please bring back the function of pressing the ENTER key, executes the process.

Before was like that, now we need to switch from keyboard to mouse and select APPLY.

Is really annoying when you are dealing with MACRO commands…

Steinberg seem to have gone a long way to reduce the functionality in C10. Not realising that a few extra movements and mouse clicks per process can massively slow down productivity.


This sums up a lot of the problems so many of us are having with C10. Cubase was already very click-heavy compared to other DAWs, and C10 made it worse.

I’m not sure what the line of thinking was, because more clicks to get a task done is always worse, with no exceptions.

Still not fixed in 10.0.20 … :frowning:

So guys you are satisfied with this issue??
If not please post … : )

Satisfied, No. But you need to realize that not everyone are using macro and many people are only using DOP a few times or less on each project, so it doesn’t affect us enough to really care about this.

There are a lot of people that are using DOP… so this is why I am asking, has nothing to do with you… :slight_smile:

I’m aware this is not about me. I’m also aware that many are using DOP, but maybe just not using it enough to care about this.
You asked people to post if they were not satisfied with this (Probably because no one has really posted in this thread). I replied that I’m not satisfied but, like many others, I’m not using it enough to care much about it. To me there are other and more important stuff to fix first (But that’s on another topic)

I totally agree that there are many-many, much more important issues…
but still though … from the moment that we see all the random issue’s to get fixed for years now,
is worthing the try for the “less” important : )