Cubase 10.0.60 Maintenance Update

What’s new?

The Cubase 10.0.60 maintenance update is the final update for the Cubase 10 generation. We have focused on improving the stability of Cubase 10 and corrected some features that didn’t work as expected. If you are on macOS please have a look at the notice about Hardened Runtime at the end of the release notes.

The update installers are already available in the Steinberg Download Assistant and in the download section of our help center.

Several instabilities and random crashes could be reproduced and fixed for this update. We have improved the stability in the following situations:
• When editing Auto Fades settings.
• When editing events while selected for Audio Alignment
• When undo was used on Audio Alignment
• When switching between projects.
• When adding tracks.
• When opening the Direct Offline Processing window.
• When importing a range from the MediaBay Preview.
• When using certain VST3 plug-ins.
• When working with MixConsole Snapshots.
• When accessing NAS file servers from the MediaBay.
• When exercising different user interface operations in the MixConsole.
• When editing Note Expressions.
• When deleting media from trash in the Pool.
• When recalling Workspaces.
• When closing projects with GrooveAgent and other VST instruments.
• When exporting video.
• When importing AAF from DaVinci Resolve.
• When making copies of ARA-edited events to other tracks.

We have corrected the following features and functionalities:
• The Solo Editor function did not work when ARA Extension were used on the tracks.
• In some cases, multiple ARA-processed audio events could cause a delay when listening to ARA-processed data.
• Muting Lanes did not work as expected on tracks with ARA Extension.
• Replacing clip content of files with different lengths lead to disappearing events.
• Tagging media with the attribute “Bars&Beats” didn’t work as expected.
• MixConsole Show/Hide Channel Racks Key Command did not respond.
• The order of the effects in the VST Amp Rack and VST Bass Amp plug-ins couldn’t be changed in the usual way.
• Hidden tracks were unintentionally affected by multi-selection operation.
• Generic Remote settings weren’t remembered correctly.
• Video Export did not work correctly when the file path contains special characters.
• Sensel Morph control surface produced hanging notes when used for MIDI input.
• The Object Panning was not working correctly when importing ADM files.

macOS Hardened Runtime is not enabled in Cubase 10.0.60

Hardened Runtime is not enabled for this update. If you are on macOS Catalina and you have downloaded the update in your browser you will see a message when running the update installer. Please just right-click the installer, click “open” and select “open” on the new window to run the installer and update Cubase 10.

Are there any updates for 10.5.12 coming soon ?

Thank you!

Thanks Matthias! Much appreciated.

One small oversight in the version history: Cubase 10.0 can’t do video export. So CAN-25695 should be irrelevant for 10 users.

Bravo! Testing now

Thank you, How about the problems with high CPU encountered with 10.0.5? Have these been fixed? I am now running with 10.0.4 which is working fine so I am a bit hesitant to upgrade.

So no fix for the incorrect file paths for Sampler Tracks. Glaring oversight, IMO.

Thank you :slight_smile:

This update ,I am confused as its mention this is the final update to Cubase 10 :confused:

Yet we are on Cubase 10.5 ,should that be Cubase 11 :laughing:

Thanks Steinberg!

It is a great update.

It’s the final update for 10.0.x but not for 10.5.x! The next update for that is in the making!

Thanks ED

I was beginning to wonder :smiley:

Agreed. Surely a simple fix to implement?

Interesting point about the Video Export with Cubase 10 :wink:

Perhaps it slipped in from the next Cubase 10.5.xx update / release notes

Also, it’s sad to see that people will be forced to update to 10.5 to stand a chance of getting what they were promised with regards to a decent HiDPI experience.

Yeah @Wjoyce, you have to live with it. Cubase is a great DAW, but nowadays companies, like Steinberg/Yamaha (and many others (phones/tables/pc!), earns their money by upgrades one have to pay for. Business like usual. The nowadays customers accept the fact that they don’t get a 100% working product. It is unforgiven if the CB10 version still has bugs and Yamaha is not willing to repair those bugs. It should be a 100% working version. I’m not talking about newer functions, that’s of course a legimate reason to ask money for. It feels like you bought a new car and you noticed that you have a defect headlight… Sorry, we don’t repair it, but we offer you to buy the next model?
Anyway thanks for this update, Steinberg/Yamaha :wink:

A great thank to Steinberg team. I don’t have the time to install it right now but will do ASAP and eventually report back. But, from what I can see in the ‘Version history’, a lot of things have been done, contrarily to the rather disappointing 10.0.50, especially concerning the stability with several features. This with the Generic Remote settings recall…
Thanks again ! :sunglasses:

No problem with the Pro update, but the Elements update has failed for me over a half dozen times.

It shows that it downloaded (in SDA), and then a ‘fail’ message pops up during verification.


Try the one on the download page of Steinberg website maybe.

This issue with the chorus effect, which I pointed out almost three months ago, has not been corrected. Shame!