Cubase 10.0.60 Maintenance Update

Yes - should have thought of that. It worked.

1st time I’ve had trouble with the Download Assistant - weird.

Let’s see if this gets fixed on the next update to 10.5.12 which I assume will be 10.6 but I have the terrible feeling it will it will not be fixed before 11. I hope Steinberg proves me wrong on this one.

@Matthias Quellmann
Can you fix the Version History for this update? 10.0.x don’t have Video export as mentioned in this PDF.

Thank you Steinberg for the update !


Definitely THIS.
A lot of people have been experiencing this problem for quite a while.
It also occurs in version 10.5.12 which i was using until i uninstalled it and went with 10.0.60 (still to see that the problem wasn’t solved…).

Please take a look into this :slight_smile:

i am staying with 10.0.3. Every update after that seem to have caused unusually many serious bug reports on serious issues such as CPU and GPU performance. Since Steinberg do not plan any more updates for 10.0 I am stopping the updating there.

I have installed 10.0.60 last sunday and tested several things, since. The truth is that the ASIO usage issue, which was excessive when the Suspend VST3 plug-in processing… setting was activated has been solved. And better than that : now, when this parameter is activated, the ASIO usage is a little lower than when not. With 10.0.50, I was getting twice the ASIO usage amount with it… Overall, the ASIO usage, which should be the main concern, IMO, is significantly better with 10.0.60 than all previous C10 versions.

Beside this, it seems that since I installed this update, Cubase 10 seems to be built in a rock : never felt as much that way when using Cubase, even with 6.5.5, the version that I have used during several years. So again, congrats to Steiny team for this update… :sunglasses:

Ok, so the CPU usage is fixed for Windows. What about Mac users???

I’m already with 10.5.12 (and eagerly awaiting fixes for all the problems) but it comforts me that Steinberg makes an extra effort to fix remaining issues in a previous release.

Reliability is really critical, everything else really comes second when you are making music. Bugs are annoying but crashes and CPU overloads kill. I wish they become a bit more cautious about releasing in the future though. 10.5 has been terrible. I hope they are already doing that but I think they should really set up a good team of beta testers in different OS’s for the next releases (I’m sure some would even be happy to do it only in exchange of Steinberg products or discounts).

I’m still at 10.0.60 - can’t install fresh version, because it’s too dangerous for my work (sometimes have 10hrs recording session)
That’s why I update cubase at summer, all patches are ready, and cubase stable as rock.
For me 0.60 great gift form Steinberg!

Oooh no. 10.0.60 update creates some kind of memory leak - I think. Either way, if I let an open session idle, the ASIO meter starts to climb higher and higher until redline. Nope, no good. Back to 10.0.50 for me.

Also, VST3 is still unpredictable in Cubase.

Same thing for me…
But weirdly i went back to version 10.5.12 and now it’s a bit better :slight_smile:
Still getting random spikes even with an empty project though…

james, quick question did you by chance update iLok too, to the latest version? just want to make sure it’s not from that as I noticed mine is totally to date since yesterday.

Hi my name is Augusto and I’m having some trouble to install the update through the Steinberg Download assistent! It keeps sending me a message of error! What should I do?

If you’re getting the error message while trying to update through the assistant, try it directly from here instead:

The update put about a half dozen vst sound fmt files in the recycle bin, and Cubase displayed a ‘missing files’ error message.
Good thing I checked the recycle bin and restored them before emptying it.

After the update I’m finding my Amplitube plug-in now crashes quite often when changing presets. It didn’t happen before.

Good news but unfortunately CAN-26550 is still unsolved (cursor randomly becoming thin and black) even if this bug was reported 2 years ago :angry:

Hello Cubase Team

I have had an excellent experience with my Cubase Pro 10 but since I made the last update (10.0.60) I have been trouble when I open another window in my PC. The VST instrument stop playing when I return to Cubase and i need to re start Cubase again.
There is a possibility to fix that? or There is a possibility to return to clean version of Cubase without this update?

Thanks in advance


But this is unfortunately usual practice for Steinberg. Sampler track new feature but not left in the oven long enough. Had no hope that devs would sort out the file path issue during version 10 lifeycle.


Some big issues since i updated to .60 a week or so ago. I think i may have missed an update so think i was using 0.40 previously, possibly 0.50 (Whichever it was was running perfectly).

Firstly the update installer that i downloaded from the Steinberg Assistant brought up an error, but it has done that before so i chose to ignore the error and let it continue.

Issues -

  • unusually high CPU usage and spikes

  • Ram is stacking (instances of Cubase aren’t terminating according to Task Manager and Ram isn’t being released. I have to End process Tree for each one and they are stacking maybe 4/5 times)

  • Cubase crashes almost everytime i shutdown Cubase (which happened before but much less frequently)

  • My keyboard and Panorama P1 are suddenly not being recognised randomly when i launch a project. Requires a restart and they work again.

  • Glitchy graphics on my second monitor as if my GFX Card isn’t being used which may well be related to the issue i posted earlier today below



On that last point I rolled back to 0.40 and experience the same OpenGL crash. Turns out that occurs when i backup my template and try to use the newly created project.

Bad news:

  • Cubase crashes almost daily now (I didn’t install any new plugins for months, same as with 10.0.50).
  • I don’t know if it’s new or not, but I’m experiencing HDD overloads and massive stuttering and skipping on a 30-audio track project (not VSTi) when using SSD drive. I reported that in ‘issues’ subforum.

Good news:

  • it creates crashdumps consistently finally. I have a library of those now.
  • oftentimes it doesn’t crash completely… it becomes inoperable but I’m still able to save the project. Before this update it was game over in every single case. This is a great new update.