Cubase 10.0.60 Maintenance Update

This update is working fine on my 2009 MacPro (flashed to 5.1 so I can run OSX Sierra)

It seems ‘better’ than version .50 so far…very responsive, hasn’t crashed so far after a couple of weeks.

Don’t want to change computers or OSC right now, so all is well. I’m not missing what I don’t know.

VSTs are unusable on Windows with HiDpi, which if disabled makes all the text look like it is from the 80s. I need 4k for modern game and cinema production.

This is Waves/Arturia/NI VSTs on Cubase/Nuendo; it is unusable!

Please fix this…every other DAW handles VST scaling properly (Ableton, REAPER,FL,Bitwig), BitWig especially does an excellent job autoscaling VSTs new and old without requiring any user intervention.

Sadly if this isn’t fixed, I have to abandon the Steinberg Cubase/Nuendo ship altogether.

A picture speaks a thousand words:

I just reinstalled my os (to Mac OS Catalina) so the version of Cubase I have by default is 10.0.50. For some reason 10.0.60 isn’t part of the full installer. Is there a reason for this? Should I ignore this last update due to some breaking issues? What would you all recommend? Should I apply this last incremental update?

Also, it’s sad :unamused: to see that people will be forced to update to 10.5 to stand a chance of getting what they were promised with regards to a decent HiDPI experience.

This is a 10.5.20 update: Using Solo mode in the Sampler Control Zone could result in no sound.

Since the Sampler track is included in 10 as well, why can’t it be fixed for this version? Should we need to buy the 60€ update to get a reliable Sampler track?

Thanks. But audio alignment still isn’t working as good as SynchroArts Revoice Pro

Please let me know

Hi, I was thinking of starting a new thread about a related issue, but then I found this thread, sorry for “ressurrecting” it as it is now 3 months old… Anyway, I have Cubase Artist 10 installed both in Windows 10 and Windows7 (dual boot PC). At a certain point, after comparing Cubase 10.0.03 on win7 with the same 10.0.03 version in win10 I came to the conclusion that the performance was identical and stopped using cubase on win7 (but kept it there). All the later cubase10 updates (from 10.0.04 to 10.0.06) were only installed on win10. Everything went well until lately I began to notice a gradually worsening performance, CPU spikes, high CPU consumption, even when Cubase was not playing at all and even with very few (3 or 4) and light VSTis.
I booted to win7 and loaded the same song in Cubase 10.0.03 that I still had there and the difference was abismal! Everything played smoothly as it should and without any CPU spikes and with the average CPU consumption about 1/4 of the one showed in the 10.0.06 cubase at Windows 10 !.. I’m not sure if it was the last Microsoft updates or if the difference is due to something on the 10.0.06 cubase update (or both!). I wanted to roll back to 10.0.03 on win10, but I can’t find that update installer anymore.
I’ve been using the 10.0.06 since it was available, and I think the situation has been worsening since then, I didn’t notice it immediately, it seems to have been gradual, but I’m not sure… Anyone knows where on the Steinberg site I can download these previous versions?.. I could only find the 0.5 and 0.6, but I’d like to try with 10.0.3 and 10.0.4 too, on win10.
Also, if anyone has any other suggestions to solve this problem, I’d be very grateful.
Thanks in advance.

Hi Steinie, after downloading 10.5.60 from the helpcenter, and installing it, Cubase still says 10.5.20?

Im not shure whats going on, shouldnt the splash screen and “About…” say its 10.5.60?

Also, in the Download manager i cant see 10.5.60, only 10.5.20…

I tried this a couple of times…

Im on Catalina

You may want to read the topic’s title again :wink:

And btw:

You’ve downloaded 10.0.60. You’re on 10.5.20.

So that’s why it’s not updating to 10.5.60, because it doesn’t exist.

haha lol

sorry its been a heavy year

Hi, is it possible to upgrade to Cubase 10 from Cubase 7 as well? Thank you

I posted this in the wrong thread. This is about the latest update in 10.5!

I´m on a Mac Book Pro 2012.
I have experience severe CPU overloads and I have finally found the reason to it!
It´s the Cubase own effect MultiTap Delay that is causing the problems.
When I disable it everything is fine in my mix. When enable it I get the overload!

Steianberg I hope you are soon going to adress the problem cause I´m in a mix situation that need urgent help!

Danne/ Stockholm Sweden

После переустановки cubase 10.0.60 исчезли иконки, кнопки (M S L R) в MixConsole под фейдерами и над ними. Помогите решить эту проблему.

Hi, I’m currently using Cubase Elements 10.0.60. My license is activated in an USB eLicenser (eLicenser control center ver shows: Cubase Elements 10). I installed the upgrade to 10.5.20 package (downloaded it via Download Assistant). The program keeps on requesting an activation license when starting up. Is an additional upgrade purchase requested to go from 10.0.60 to 10.5.20? Or isn’t 10.5.20 available for Cubase Elements? or is something additional I should do with my USB eLicenser I have missed? I will appreciate any help or recommendation. Thanks in advance, Kind Regards. Lucio Sorichetti.