Cubase 10.5.10 Import Severals Wav files ISSUE

Hi Guys,

CUBASE doesn’t convert SEVERAL files when you import them into a project.

Please confirm this Issue :

Go to Files->Import->Audio File ( or even drag and drop from the Mediabay )
Choose several audio files and import them and check the box->convert files to the format of the project
Open the library and see that the files is not converted to the project’s format (even you checked the box).

I use this function everyday !!! Thank you Steinberg for destroying this functionality that worked perfectly before 10.5 !!
I cannot understand that they broke functions when they do an upgrade !! very annoying and it’s not the first time.

The Metronome button on my Komplete Kontrol keyboard doesn’t work well anymore… it worked before… they broke this function too !

Also, long time ago also they destroy the zoom with the mouse, when you zoom by sliding the mouse on the timing bar, the mouse cursor doesn’t stay on the timing bar ! Before it stayed there and worked much better.

I’m very tired about that, I love Cubase but it seems that the code is a mess because when they change it by adding new functions or just by trying to repair some of them, they destroy other functionalities.

Can confirm with .wav files, mp3’s are converted correctly.

As for zooming with the mouse, if you hold alt-shift before dragging the cursor stays at its position - maybe that helps.

Thanks for the tip, I didn’t know that … the problem now is that the timeline stays at the previous location and doesn’t move with the mouse cursor.
Longtime Before, the timing bar and the mouse cursor stayed together at the same position. It was perfect, now it’s a glitch like many others in this software.

A possible workaround:

Preferences > Editing > Audio: select “Use Settings” and “Convert to Project Settings…”
now it does copy and convert the multiple imported wav files.

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thank you Floris !

Of course I’m doing that now after importing. But still not normal that Steinberg brake their functionalities and it takes months or year to get it back right. Even sometimes never get it back to normal like the mouse zoom function !

You the MVP!
This also works for older versions of cubase, btw.