Cubase 10.5.12 Open In Wavelab Missing From Menu

Hi Guys,
Can anyone help with this? … Cubase 10.5.12 Open In Wavelab option is missing from the drop Menu under edit I think? … The only action I have taken lately is to install the Cubase update to 10.5.12? … Now Edit in Wavelab has dissappeared completely?
Also when trying to open RX7 Connect via Offline Processing (Auto Apply) turned off? … RX7 Wont open either when clicking either Reference or Repair??


I can see this option in my Cubase 10.5.12. What WaveLab version do you have installed?

Regarding the RX7, I could imagine, it’s by purpose the Auto Apply is disabled. Make sure you have the latest RX7 update installed, please.

Hi Martin and thanks for the feedback.
I have version > Wavelab 10.0.30 installed, So if you can advise further then I would be grateful.
I will also check the update for RX7.
Many thanks.


Could you try to reinstall WaveLab from the Full Installer, please?

Yes, this is a known problem.

Here is a thread on it, which has a solution towards the end of the thread.

Basically you want to re-install an OLDER version of WaveLab AFTER installing WaveLab 10.0.30