Cubase crashes 2 or 3 times a day

With a new pc build, it keeps crashing more frequently than when on my old laptop.
With the laptop this would happen once or twice in a month or so.

New pc is ryzen5 3600xt, with 500gb M2 disk, 1065 graphics no oc.
Sound card RME Babyface pro fs.

here are some of the dmp’s


Most of the crashes are in this area:


I have seen this crash several times here on the forum. It seems the graphic card driver downgrade helps to the most users.

Then there is one plug-in crash in the Red_3_Compressor and another plugin crash in the WaveShell1_WPAPI_2_11_0. Please make sure your plug-ins are up to date.

Thanks for the info
I wish I could decipher the dmp file myself!

If I understand correctly you mean install a previous driver for my graphics card? If so which one? just a previous one?
As for the Red3 I can live without it, but the waves plugins I have bought them 2 years ago and I do not understand why I cannot go on using them just after two years of use


There is a Microsoft tool, which allows you to resolve at least the basics of the *.dmp tiles, so you can at least see, in which application did the crash happen.

Yes, install previous driver for my graphics card. Sorry, I don’t know any exact version. Try the previous one, please.

Make sure, they are up to date, please. You can also send the *.dmp file(s) to them.

Which is this Microsoft tool exactly?
I will check it out.

Unfortunately waves plugins must be paid each time a new updated is available. At least some extra fee.


Sorry, I don’t know, I’m not Windows user. But it has been discussed here on the forum few times already. Please, search for it.

Also Google helps. :wink:

Now not only crashes every now and then, but after having exited normally, when it starts again it reports that it has crashed


Then it probably didn’t quit normally.

Here is one of the thread with the exact driver version, if you have this graphic card.

It sure did not end normally, but there was no such indication when it did.
I find out when I start it again.
It bothers me that this is something new. So far it just crashed.

My card is the 1065ti.
I will read the post and I will check the drivers next week because now I am in the middle of a project which must finish.

I had a look in that thread but that has to do with GUI freeze related to cubase 11.
I am running cubase 10 and 10.5 and it either crashes or output is stopped and is coming back again only with change in the buffers of the sound card or by resetting the sound card.