Cubase 10,5 elements to 12 elements, upgrade or update?

Hello, can anybody please help me, I’m trying to get in contact with steinberg but I’m having no luck.
I’ve got installed cubase elements 10.5 and paid for an update to elements 12 and installed it and cannot activate cause it does not apear on the elicenser and I used the download access code And paste it on the download manager and it does not work. Maybe I should buy upgrade and not update its correct?
Thanks very much and would appreciate somebody’s help

Did you notice this: Steinberg Licensing: A New and Exciting Era Begins | Steinberg

Thanks Steve.
Ok, bought it installed it, today it advised me that I need to activate it otherwise it will stop working tomorrow and I’ve tried everything to do so but no luck!

Please take a screenshot of your eLicenser Control Center with the serial numbers hidden, and which upgrade you purchased according to your receipt/purchase confirmation email.

Hello thanks for the reply.
I think I know what’s going on and it’s my fault, I bought cubase elements 10.5 with an e-mail account and when updated to cubase elements 12 did it with other email.
In my elicense panel as you can see, does not appear cubase 10.5, but it is installed and working, it only appears cubase al, I don’t know where that came from?

I forgot to mention that also have the download code and the key.
Sorry my English!

If you have another MySteinberg account, please log-in to it and go through the Reactivation process:

Your Cubase Elements 10.5 license needs to be reactivated (moved to this new computer) to complete the verification process.

However, I strongly suspect that you don’t actually have Cubase Elements 10.5, but Cubase AI 10.5. The executable file is called “Cubase LE AI Elements” for everyone who owns one of these 3 versions, it doesn’t mean that you have Cubase Elements.

You can check by running Cubase, then selecting Help → About Cubase LE AI Elements… at the top.

You are right, I have cubase AL 10.5.
Now I must install cubase elements 10.5, reactivate it and after that I can activate 12 elements wich is already installed, must uninstall 12 before installing 10.5?

Sérgio Capelo <> escreveu em sex., 7/10/2022 às 01:27 :

No, if you don’t have Cubase Elements, then you purchased the wrong update/upgrade.

Please contact Steinberg Shop Support for a refund:

Once you receive your refund, you should purchase this upgrade:

Thank you very much for your help. I will be doing it tomorrow.
Best regards

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Hello, i think i´m still in trouble to activate cubase 12. I´ve done what you told me but can´t activate? I installed it but i got 30 day´s to activate but already paid for it. Sorry for being boring again.

Sérgio Capelo <> escreveu em sex., 7/10/2022 às 01:57 :

A few days ago i bought an “update” from cubase 10 to 12 and was told me that i bought the wrong pack, so i asked for refund and is already on the way to my bank account.
Meanwhile I bought the correct “upgrade” from cubase 10 to 12 and being able to activate it at all, it appears on my steinberg account but don´t know how to do. I´ve Heard that the newer Steinberg Software does not use elicenser is it correct?!

Are you the same person who made this topic? Why did you make a new account?
Cubase 10,5 elements to 12 elements, upgrade or update?

In any case, please follow the verification process:

Yes it is. New account? Because I bought the upgrade with this email account!

Sorry I couldn’t find the topic I created!

I tried that but can’t make it, don’t know what I´m doing wrong?!
I insert the Download Access Code key I received on email at the Steinberg download assistance and directs to me to elicenser app and when I hit continue at elicenser it says there is no license to refresh. That information is in Portuguese so have to translate and not sure if it’s correct?!

I can read Portuguese. Please take a screenshot of your Order Confirmation Email with the Download Access Code hidden.

Like I mentioned in the previous topic, you should have picked the last upgrade option:

Cubase Elements 12

Upgrade from Cubase AI / LE 4 - 11, Cubase Essential 4 - 5

Can you take a screenshot of your Steinberg Activation Manager?

Is this a different computer? In your previous screenshot you had Cubase AI…

You had the right upgrade for THIS computer all along. The upgrade “Upgrade from Cubase AI / LE 4 - 11, Cubase Essential 4 - 5” isn’t going to work here. You need the upgrade that you had originally purchased.

You should follow the verification steps using your other computer if you already got refunded for your previous purchase.

I’m going to merge this with the original topic before this gets any more confusing.