Cubase 10.5 license is gone from dongle after failed upgrade!

Steinberg…anyone… HELP!

me too. Steinberg please give urgent help. I need to work.

Is the license still visible visible in your MySteinberg account?

try maintenance

Same here - unable to recover license - no server connection - usual update stuff :confused:

Never update when you have work to do… I still haven’t updated 10 to 10.5…

Same here, well mine says transfer pending on it but i cant run either V10 or v10.5 or V11 i need to work

Same here, can’t run 10.5 or 11

The activation process killed the cubase 10.5. license on the dongle and did not perform the update to 11.

Sorry, Steinberg - no excuse for what is going on here. You should have been prepared for the high volume of activation requests.

Shame on you. Really.


Now , after being in transfer, my 10.5 license is gone from the dongle and no 11 license.

It is a disgrace!

Yep, Same here.

Absolute shower of s***

I can’t believe I fell into the trap… I’m just so eager for the DPI issues on my machine to be fixed I just went ahead a did it. Now I can’t work at all. I’m fuming! 3 hours down now

Have you tried unplugin the dongle and plugin it back in again and then firing up the elicencer ?

just run maintenance

Maintenance fails because the server’s dead.

maintenance also needs to connect to the steinberg servers, which simply does not work.

I am really wondering about the skills of Steinberg IT-Operations. What they are showing today is far below what is acceptable.
It is a shame. Big one.

it’s not a big deal, go for walk or something.

Yes, anyone who expects simple IT administration to work for a professional software company is an ungrateful moron - GET WALKING MAN! Even if that company has saved tens (hundreds?) of thousands by not having to deal with physical media and has clearly not invested a penny of those savings into improving IT infrastructure to cope with the online world, a company who insists on outmoded propitiatory hardware licence protection without the required robust IT back-end in place to deal with peak loads. A professional software house who codes a destructive licence update process that relies on the online servers to be available as it destroys the local licence status for the hapless users who are just trying to use the software they bought in good faith. Lucky this is cheap $10 software that nobody relies on professionally – no wait…

Still, One thing’s for sure with v11 - the hundreds of bugs that have existed for 5 or more years will bound to have been fixed before adding more half-implemented headline features.

You may have guessed, my DAW workstation has too been turned into an expensive but badly-performing spaceheater care of Steinberg. It’s been raining all day and so far it would have been a seven hour and very soggy walk.

Same here. Failed update broke my 10.5 licence. Can’t work today. Shame on Steinberg :imp:

yeah seriously, as someone who has worked in IT, and as someone who is a customer to various IT protocols - shit happens - all the time. Webhosting goes down, Government COVID compensation servers go down, FaceBook goes down, PornHub goes down, Xbox Live goes down, Call Of Duty servers go down, ISPs go down, Cell service goes down, hydro electricity goes down, gas stations go dry, cars break down, tires go flat, toes break, leaves fall.