Cubase 10.5 MediaBay USER Attributes Tags Error

Anyone have problems with User tags in mediabay?

Since mediabay writes all user custom tags into file itself, i cannot see them in Cubase 10.5, from Cubase 7 to 10 i was able to see my custom tags.
Deleting Preferences/Mediabay database/etc didn’t help,

Also if I try to add my custom attribute i get ERROR (See gif bellow)

Can anyone confirm this?

yes same here all the user tag gone and now I’ve “###—error—###” in place

I have about 20 of them. All ### errors!
Not good enough !!!
I still have C10 installed so I guess I can manually reconstruct them but I’d rather clean the windows and cut my toenails …

they are still on 10, nothing change but in 10.5 just ERROR, even with deleting the mediabay files in Cubase preference… cannot work with this !

Thanks for the feedback guys, I will give it a go on another machine and also on OSX, but I feel chances are slim from reading your replays :frowning:

I tagged more than 300 000 samples (mostly one shots) and lot of them has custom tags (“other tags”) such as bongos,congas,tambourines etc etc etc.
See here:

MediaBay is one of the uniquest tool that no other DAW has. Its the best thing for browsing and choosing the right sample.
Ability to list all open hats/snares/percs/shakers etc in a second, its a life saver!

Currently Cubase 11.5 is no go for me since MediaBay is crucial and deeply embedded into my workflow.

I will try to find workaround these days and will report it back here. Hopefully Martin, or someone from the top can jump in and tell us if there is solution.

Thanks :slight_smile:

No solution here even if trashing all preference from Cubase 10.5 and hide Cubase 10 pref… sad days…

Sad indeed!

Same problem here.

I wonder if there is something in the Cubase 10 mediabay.db file pointing somewhere that won’t work if you try to use it in the folder for Cubase 10.5?
Or anything else to that effect, but I’m obviously just guessing.
Don’t throw your mediabay.db files away just yet, just in case … :ugeek:

I’m working on it with high priority, will keep you updated.

Thank you… :sunglasses:

Thank you… :sunglasses:

I’m curious - the media bay is always quite sluggish and laggy for me on C10, especially the first time opening it after opening a project, or accessing via the presets menu of a plugin - I don’t suppose it’s any snappier in 10.5?

This was driving me nuts but more by luck than judgment I added the column that said instrument in track template in the attributes and they appear to now show up, looks like they have renamed a few things, so glad really didn’t want to have to start again, give it a try its worked for me.

Forget that I had premature ejaculation, a few turned but the rest of my tags are on the missing list. really annoying. other than that media bay seems much faster just don’t want to have to go through and do the same job again, took me weeks before.

Thank you Joerg.

Thanks Joerg for getting in,

Unfortunately I can confirm this on all machines including OSX, Tried to figure out from database,preferences,components(copying from 10) without luck.

Found the bug and fixed it for the next maintenance update. Sorry for the trouble!

MediaBay setup takes its time during setup and after installation of additional content, but follow up starts should be much quicker.

When you add your own content, I suggest to keep it on dedicated drives / partitions, so you can “Create [a] Volume Database” before checking any folders for scanning. That will speed up additional user-preset look ups, because the main database is kept small.

For follow up conversation on this topic I suggest to create a dedicated thread.

Sixty-four-thousand-dollar question: when will it be available? :question:

Sorry, I don’t think I comply with company policies if I talk about release dates. I wonder what happened if I would spread something like “it is already in beta test”? :wink: