Cubase 10.5 multicore managing


I just bought a Macbook Pro 16 i9 with 16 cores and I’m having an issue.

The activity monitor app on Catalina OSX shows me only around 20% of my cpu power is being used but the average load meter in cubase is almost full. Why is this happening?

Thanks a lot in advance for your comments.

Here i share a screenshot of it.

Are you sure? AFAIK, there is no 16 core MBP i9. There is an 8 core, which can, under some limited circumstances, behave like a 16 core due to hyper threading.

What audio interface and buffer settings are you using? For some reason your image isn’t downloading all the way.

Because the Cubase meter is not a CPU meter.

Buffer settings maximum. I’m using apollo x4.

Totally correct. It has 8 physical cores and 16 threads, but it seems Cubase is able to use only 8 of those threads. Isn’t cubase able of using hyperthreading? Don’t know how to solve it.

It sounds like you’re laboring under the misapprehension that hyper threading somehow magically doubles the number of cores in your processor. I can assure you that is not true :slight_smile:.

It’s not clear what you think needs to be “solved”, but I don’t see anything unusual in your screenshot.

That doesn’t tell me anything. What’s the setting?

Then is it OK 8 threads are doing absolutely nothing? I don’t get the idea of hyperthreading then.

Not very helpulf answers to be honest (as usual in this forum).

It’s hard to tell what you want to know. Are you asking what is hyper threading?

Looks like no hyperthreading at all, very strange. That would indeed limit the performance by a lot.
Is ASIO Guard enabled ?
Any anti Spectre type of patch/tool installed ?

Hyperthreading does little to improve performance in typical cpu-bound audio applications.

Is ASIO Guard enabled ?

You can see from his Cubase performance meter that asio guard is enabled.

Any anti Spectre type of patch/tool installed ?

He’s running MacOS Catalina.

Yes he is, doesn’t matter, those speculative exploits are have nothing to do with the OS.

Yes he is, doesn’t matter, those speculative exploits are have nothing to do with the OS.

You asked if he has any Spectre protection. The answer is: he’s running Catalina, so obviously yes.

No, I don’t need to know what hypertrheading is, thank you.

Thanks for your comments, but you seem to be too arrogant in your answers.

If u don’t feel like being constructive, probably it would be better if u simply didn’t answer at all.

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That’s it. It looks like Cubase simply doesn’t use hyperthreading at all.

I’d like any steinberg technician could asnswer in this post to give me a solution.

My apologies if my confusion is coming across as being unhelpful. You seem frustrated that nobody has responded. Perhaps the reason nobody has replied with an answer is because you haven’t asked a question? :slight_smile:.

With all due respect, that’s not true. The screen shot you posted at the top of this thread doesn’t indicate that at all. It simply shows you have 8 signal processing threads running. There is nothing unusual about that.

And then again…

If you are as smart as u try to show us, could you please EXPLAIN to inferior minds like mine why Cubase is not making use of hyperthreading? Hyperthreading works properly in a lot of other aplications, but doesn’t do the same in Cubase.