Cubase 10.5 Slow Export Times

Hi guys,

Does anyone also noticed slow rendering times in 10.5 ??
I spent the whole day yesterday working on it (besides the interface problems, i’m really liking it) But when I was about to export my audio, I noticed it was slower.
This morning I opened a simple project (4min song with few channels) and it took 2:50 to render. I rendered the same project in 9.5 and it took 2:20.
It’s almost 20% slower.
I also noticed some random CPU spikes. Did anyone noticed that too ??

I am noticing slow export times in the same project, I will do some tests with c10

Did you try with same buffer size?

Everything is the same. I exported in c10 and immediately in 10.5 and it takes longer

Yes, I noticed this too.

Yeah… exact same settings, and exact same project and it’s slower.

Yes, slower here too.

I love a lot of the new things in 10.5 so I hope these things get fixed soon.

My Offline export take more time than realtime export

Really wierd

Is there a new setting somewhere?

Did anyone get a solution to this?

I just upgraded from 10.0 to 10.5 and noticed export seemed to take for ages. Today I exported a section of a project in both versions:

  • CubasePro v10 took 27 seconds
  • CubasePro v10.5 too 53 seconds
    Allowing for error, it looks like a factor of 2 to me…

As leroo asked, “Is there a new setting somewhere?”
Or maybe a setting has changed in the upgrade…

I’m having the same problem with Cubase 10.0.60 and Nuendo 10.3.
MacOS 10.13.6

Wow, I am using 10.0.60 and was thinking about upgrading… I think the Export function is already very slow. I wonder if it has something to do with multi-core power allocation?

I’m exporting an hour and 15 minute documentary. Takes a loong time in 10.5. Don’t know if it would be quicker in 10.

My observation: The bigger the buffer size, the fastest the export time

What buffer are we talking about here?

The only buffer you have when talking DAW.

I did some tests a long time ago, buffer size matters but it really depends on the project how much.
Setting AsioGuard to max was also beneficial.

I am always amazed when people go out of their way to be unhelpful. Seriously, if you didn’t want to answer the question, why waste the time?

Because looking at the gear and software listed at your signature tells me that you are not a complete noob, so one can only assume that you know what he aee talking about the ASIO driver buffer.

No. Sorry, that wasn’t obvious to me, and it also isn’t intuitive why an ASIO setting would affect rendering speed if doing asynchronous rendering.

I don’t know why the buffer size affect the export time, but with my system, it is always WAY faster with max buffer size.

I did not go out to find why. When I do an export, I put it to 2048.