Cubase 10.5 Video export file size is huge

Big +1 from me.

As a full time TV composer I had waited for this for ages but this implementation doesn’t make sense. I rarely get HD versions of shows to work on. With early stage animation they’re very low res. Why on earth would I want to have those re-encoded to 1080p or to have such a massive file? Most of the time I don’t want to have them re-encoded at all.

I send video reviews to directors all the time but for a 11min animation episode at 1080p with the hard coded options this comes in over 3gb. Why would this ever be necessary? The final picture encoding on a professional project will never be done from Cubase - review exports will be done all the time.

Either keep the original encoding (doing the correct splits to match export) and add audio or provide decent re-encode options to make it a useful alternative. For the moment I have to continue the way I did before as this feature isn’t fit for purpose.

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Bigger ++1 from me too.

+1 from me as well.
Please fix this Steinberg.

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+++1 also from me. h.264 is great. What is missing for me, is a button, with wich one could export
the Bit Rate and Resolution of the original file.


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2021 and just upgraded Cubase 11 Pro… This is still an issue. Also, the blue sky in my video is exporting orange and the sun is blue!

Well, I too was hoping for improvement by now, but most of my needs are just to add the audio mixdown into the entire existing video, and for that, I created the ER Media ToolKit, which makes it much faster, and into any given video.
I only use the video export in rare cases when I edit the video in the project window or export just a small portion of it, and even then I take the output video and process it through my MediaER tool to shrink its size to something more usable.
About the colors, I never had such color distortion, maybe the video you’re importing into Cubase is in the wrong color specs to begin with?
I feel comfortable with my workflow, but I definitely agree we should have much more advanced video export options, and I know Steinberg teams are working on it. It may be more complex than what you would think if it takes so long to release.

I realized that my expectations from cubase are unrealistic. in fact, i now use davinci resolve for video editing and it has impressive audio editing capabilities and i can actually use all my plugins.

+1. Using Nuendo 11 for film post and it’s pretty silly that $1000 DAW can’t just swap the audio without re-encode or at least not bloat the export video up.