Cubase 10.5 Video export file size is huge

Happy to see video export in Cubase 10.5 but the exported file size is just huge.
Not sure if this is a bug.
imported 43mb video full hd h264 nothing special in term of bit rate and everything else.
Exported file size is 810mb !!

So I opened a new project selected one bar at 120bpm and went to export video… indeed I get a msg the video will be black screen but the size of the file is 9mb…

If I import 10min video the export (even when removing the audio tracks) is over 2GB…

Help… :slight_smile: what’s going on here?
There are not settings or any tweaks I can do in cubase as it’s all baked in… encoder, audio etc…

The only real reason I upgraded to 10.5 and now I see that it’s practically unusable.
Really disappointed.

Well, it’s 35MBit/s. I guess there’s no encoding going on to speed up the export process, i.e. all frames are exported as intra-frames (basically just jpeg compression on each frame, no relation to the following or previous frames).
Encoding is a time-consuming process. I guess they will add it later on.

What I think they should’ve done: Use some available lib like ffmpeg and use it to just mux existing video and the new audio file. Basically keep the video as is and just replace the audio stream. Would be finished in no time, no regression of video quality. You would of course not be able to add a time code then, but still. Also would have opened up to a lot of different codecs and container formats.

Indeed the 35Mb/s is the issue…
Now, of course I can use Cubase to extract the audio and replace it on the original using whatever video editing software (even windows photos)… but that is not the point since this is what I have done anyway…
Point is they released a feature that is unusable for most people and personally I’m disappointed as that was the main feature I upgraded for. I was really hesitant with this upgrade but when I saw the video export I jumped on it… wasted $60…
Hope they add more settings/perfernces so we can tweak or at least allow to export at the same bit rate as the original video.

I wonder if they test these things before sending them out, how can a video intended to be sent to a director or producer that is so big could be useful.

I think a quick hotfix with resolution, bit depth, and overall quality is in order, to make this most marketed feature somewhat useful.

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Built, tested, packaged up and shipped out - as part of Nuendo back in early September.! It is the exact same spec tool there, with the same limitations. Generated plenty of comment from users, equally frustrated with what was delivered:-

I guess there was just no time for any ‘enhancements’ - before it was needed to be folded into the Cubase 10.5 release schedule.

  1. No need to “re-encode” video. Just like using Quicktime Player to delete existing audio and put the exported mp3 (or aac) on top (which is called muxing)…

  2. Re-encoding video for no reason degrades quality of the video, and quality of life.

  3. Muxing existing video with new audio is the fastest way for this function.

    (TLDR: You can just put a new audio file on top of a video.)


Just to add my voice, yes please Steinberg can we add export options for video size, quality, codec etc and ideally an option to make the audio mp3 or aac etc so that we can export more practical smaller files to send to clients? I’m guessing this is planned anyway. Great to see video export and I look forward to what’s coming in this regard.

I think the more pressing need for film composers and anyone working with audio to video, is just to get it exported the way it came in. This should be very fast, as it is in Protools. The bells and whistles of choosing compression types, etc takes much longer to develop and I can see why that wouldn’t be available right away. But I do feel a bit cheated that audio to video was touted as a feature for 10.5, which many of us have needed for years, and it’s just simply not usable. No professional would wait this long for video to encode, therefore, why include this feature?

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Sure is! In addition to speedy renders like Logic, it would be great to have ability to control multiple bus/output sources independently i.e. - DLG, SFX, Score. Only being able to select one source is also a pain for director/producer review.

Should at least be able to export the new video as a non-resized/transcoded, I just used a compressed 720p video and it’s only allowing 1080p raw WTF !!! LUDICROUS !!!

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Not having used Cubase for video exports, i presumed this is exactly how it worked - why an earth would you want to render the video all over again if your sole intention is to lay an audio track to the existing footage?

I mean, that’s pretty crappy to start with - but to lock the export to a certain bitrate is even worse.

This is my experience with video :

when working on mappings / short films type of stuff, Muxing ( lke it was in Cubase 8.5 and before ) is the best,
as you never touch the video.

When working on other type of stuff, ( dance show, interactive stuff, crew with a less standardised workflow ) i regularly have a reference video ( rehearsall, WIP … )
and i regularly have to edit it in cubase ( cut, insert a new “scene”, replace a “scene” with a new version… )
then modify the score / music accordingly.
And send music + video for approuval

in those cases that is super usefull cause i dont have to ask the video team / guy, or re-do the editing myself in an editing software to send a validation video to the art director / choreographer / whoever take decision.

About size… i tend to usually work with an average 15 / 20 min videos, so size will be a problem as most free file sending service have a 2GB limit.

re-encoding can be done in paralell, and that is less trouble than the previous situation, to me at least

NB : for muxing i still have Cubase 8.5 64 still installed for this exact purpose.

Yes Steinberg, please make a smaller video export possible. Let us choose the filesize.

Having a no re-compress option would be great also on top!


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Same situation here. I needed to replace some audio on a video file at the last minute.
I noticed the 10.5 update allowed this so I bought it, only to discover the massive file sizes (a 5 minute song was 1.4Gb) and total lack of export options.
I agree with other posters that Steinberg shouldn’t include features unless they are usable. If this was any other product that I’d bought at a shop I would take it back for a refund as not fit for purpose.

I have been a Cubase user since 1990 …Pro24 before that! …Maybe I’ll use Covid19 downtime to try Logic :0)

Get it together Steinberg!!

Yes Steinberg, please make a smaller video export possible. This is unfair. It’s useless right now - too big video file !!! Wasted money on upgrade.

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Indeed, please revisit this feature. A 120 MB video exports as 2.5 GB. What’s the point? If I need to edit the file again in another program after the fact, why have the export option at all? A “video monitor” would suffice. You’ve made an effort, you’ve introduced the feature. Well done! Make another small effort to refine it.

That’s gonna be a hard yes from me as well. There’s no point in a video file this huge.

Agreed here. I’m happy to finally have video export, but more options are definitely necessary for professional use.
It’s fine this way for commercials and short B to B videos, they’re small enough to send over WeTransfer. Longer videos become problematic.