Cubase 10 and Melodyne ARA, how to make it work ?

Cubase 10 and Melodyne ARA, how to make it work so melodyne gets the audio from the track in cubase ,
instead of playingback from beginning to end and wait for melodyne to analyze it ??

I don’t believe Cubase supports ARA in any form today. With Cubase 10, Stienberg has committed to implementing ARA2 soon. Some indications are that you should expect that in January-February 2019.

True :wink:

Hey guys!

Any news on this? When will ARA be available for Cubase?

Yeah, I read that. Thanks.

That´s why I asked for news. Anything new about this subject?

I am waiting to trial/migrate to Cubase 10 when ARA2 support is added to Cubase. I don’t see/read about any other huge improvements in the current rendition of Cubase 10 to convince me otherwise. While initial Steinberg writings were for Jan/Feb 2019, my guess is that with all the issues folks have been having with Cubase10 so far, ARA support is probably still far off in the future. Any one hear or sense anything else?

I just got an announcement today from Melodyne for version 4.2.1. I wonder if Steinberg’s ARA support is dependent on this update.

Me too … no news from Celemony for years, then two updates in quick succession; 4.2 added ARA2 support for Logic so I expect this is exactly what is under development for Cubase. The answer to the next question, as always, is that the people who know won’t tell.

I’m thinking it’ll come in the next update which will probably come out in early March. I wouldn’t expect an update about it beforehand until it’s ready.

This is a little off key but after making edits with Melodyne what if you want to move the clip? It does not work, you can even delete the clip and you will still hear it play in the spot the clip was in, I tried bounce selection and that did not work either. Kooky.

Please, for the love of God, tell me they’re going to let us set the Tempo Track from Melodyne’s own tempo detection. Cubase’s own just screwed me over again. It is -so- twitchy if there aren’t blindingly obvious hitpoints.

You don’t have to take away native detection; leave it there for non-Melodyne users. Just add honouring Melodyne’s. You need to keep sync between the two -anyway-, so please toss us this much-needed part of the integration.

As a workaround, you can export the tempo map from Melodyne and then start a new project in Cubase by importing the MIDI file. It would be great to be able to import tempo from a MIDI file into an existing Cubase project, and not just for Melodyne users!

Let me see, when’s the Musikmess this year? Ah yes, starts 2nd of April … :sunglasses:

I did not even know that would work. When I last tried to do it, I exported the MIDI file, but found that importing a “tempo map” required a Cubase-specific file which was -not- a MIDI file, but apparently (probably) Cubase’s own tempo file.

Do you have the exact steps for doing it the way you describe? Everything through Export from Melodyne is self-explanatory. I could use the Cubase portion, though, just to make sure I get it correct.

Very simple, after you’ve generated the tempo map in Melodyne and exported it, open Cubase (but don’t create a new project), go File > Import > MIDI File and Cubase will go through the creation of a new project, selecting the project folder etc. Once you’ve done that, Project > Tempo Track (or Ctrl-T) will open the tempo track.

N.B. the tempo track in Cubase is not a MIDI track!

There will also be two other MIDI tracks created by the import, one with the name of the MIDI file you saved your Melodyne tempo map in which contains only the time signature, and another one simply called “MIDI” which has 16 CC120 controller messages (All Sound Off) on each channel; you can mute or delete that one.

Now you need to import the audio file as well, i.e. the audio you generated the tempo map from in Melodyne, and place it on an audio track (located at origin). If you turn on the metronome now and play back the file, the Cubase tempo will follow the audio tempo.

Of course this can all be done within Cubase, but not with the same accuracy when dealing with non-percussive polyphonic material.

That’s just how Melodyne without ARA integration works, the audio is transferred into the plugin so you can’t just move it once that’'s done…bounce in place doesn’t include insert effects so won’t help either. Use render in place.

Once you have the Project with the imported tempo it seems like you could use “import from Project” (or whatever it’s called, not at DAW) to get the the new Project’s Tempo Track into your existing Project.

Good thinking! :smiley: Although it cannot be done using “File>Import>Tracks from Project”, you can export the tempo track from one project seperately and import it into an existing project.

So, starting with the same audio file in both Melodyne and Cubase the workflow would be:

  1. Generate the tempo map in Melodyne and export it to a MIDI file
  2. Start a new project in Cubase using File>Import>MIDI File and load the Melodyne tempo map
  3. Export the Cubase tempo track using File>Export>Tempo Track
  4. In the existing project, do File>Import>Tempo Track and load the file created at 3 above

Many thanks Grim, I did not go far enough and try that, thanks for the direction.

Hope we get some news about it on the NAMM…