Cubase 10 Elements Setup Window Layout (Solved)


I’ve been demoing Cubase 10 Elements with the latest version. Also a clean install! No matter what I do the Setup Window Layout is not remembered. I create a new Project and use Setup Window Layout to add the Transport Bar and Left Zone. Then I save the project and close Cubase. Now when I start Cubase and load this project only the project window appears and all other elements are gone??? I do not believe there are workspaces in the Elements version so I would expect Cubase to at least save the Windows Layout with the project. Anyway… just curious if someone else encounters the same behaviour.


The Windows Setup Layout is not project related.

Make sure Cubase quite properly and the data has been written to the Preferences folder, please. Doesn’t Cubase crash while quit?

Hi Martin… Thanks for the response. No… there is no crash. All appears well on quiting. I use images of my hard disk and I restored my image with Cubase Artist 9.5 which I do like better than the newer 10 version. Cubase 10 Artist does not add any real extra interesting functions for me. Was looking at the Elements version to see if that would suit my needs (is cheaper) and stumbled into this issue. Unfortunately I also find the new look dissappointing. Like I’m looking at a photo negative. Ah wel… I will keep using Artist 9.5 anyway…. Elements has no Comping and no RIP and version 10 is a waste of money for me.


I cannot reproduce it with Cubase Elements 10. And you also already don’t have it installed, as far as I understand, right?


I can reproduce this with Cubase Elements 10.

Visibility of Inspector, the docked Transport bar, Info line on top of the Timeline window, also the Visibility of Channels in the Mixconsole.
All this is neither stored in the session, and also not in Projekt Templates.
I have upgraded from Elements 9.5, not trashed my preferences yet.
I do not kow how to link to other posts, but the guy from the post with the title “Open Projects in Last Used View cubase” seems to have the same problem.


Hi Martin, Seems Dirx has the same issue as me. I still have it installed. Together with a newly bought UR242 there was a Cubase AI and I was curious to try. On startup there is the option to try Elements and I was curious about that as well :slight_smile:. I just tried the AI as well and it behaves the same. I don’t think I can insert a screenshot but every project I open only starts with the project window. The same as if you would turn off all options for Setup Window Layout. Good to know I am on Windows 10 64-bit.

Hi… I tried to trash preferences, run as admin, create a new project in the default Cubase location etc… No matter what it will Always look like the picture (hope the picture shows up). I will restore my image with Cubase Artist 9.5 now cause these kind of issues feel like a waste of time. I tried this earlier and cannot reproduce this issue with my Artist 9.5 version. It also has these options but they are correctly remembered and recalled.

I have exactly the same issue here. No possible way in saving the Windows layout, I always use the Left and Right zones and the Transport bar but they are always dissapeared when opening the project again- even with the default I have made.

the same thing happens to me
uuuffff … I thought it just happened to me.
I hope that in the next update is solved.


OK, now I can reproduce it. Reported to Steinberg (CAN-19550).

Hi Martin… That’s great. Thanks… I decided to postpone upgrading untill there is an offer. Most probably half next year. Not much new for me as a Cubase Artist users and simply cheaper this way. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, I have the same issue. Hope it will be fixed ASAP.

Same issue for me on Elements 10, Mac OS High Sierra. Not an issue on Cubase Pro 10.

Same problem here. But also in a project. All settings, tracks et cetera saved in a template and as a project.
I’ve tried everything nothing works. When I open a saved template it only shows the tracks and mixer but not
the tranpsortbar et cetera.

Really weird…Ok it’s an Elements version, the cheapest one in the range but in 9.5 everything worked fine.
What is the reason why Steinberg didn’t check this kind of features? Maybe nextime work on a good working
version, check it twice on all features and than release it.


I have c elements 9.5 on imac with an extra monitor. Neighter templates or just saving, quitting will make the mixer stay on the second monitor where I want it, on opening or starting a new or old project. I have to manually drag the mixer to the second monitor every single time I open a project.

I use cubase pro 10 now in my studio mac pro, and here I want mixconsole 2 on my third monitor, but cubase refuse to remember I put it there, and again I have to drag the mixconsole 2 to the right position every single time. Mixconsole 1 do open on my second monitor as I want. Neighter templates, prefs or workspaces fixes this. Cubase have had this (annoying) behavior since version 7 on my system.

Same here. Cubase 10 AI PC 64 bit.


As far as I know, all Cubase Elements/LE/AI 10 users are affected.

Thanks for the reply Martin.

let’s hope that Steinberg will do something about this quickly and will post an update that will solve all the problems

Same problem here in Elements 10 on WIndows 10. Hoping for an update!

I don’t believe this…there’s this update 10.0.10 and the Setup Windows Layout is still not saved…Serious guys??? Come on!!!