Cubase 10 expectations, hopes, etc.?

Smart Tool has GOT to be there. I was at a session the other day and the editor was on PT – I was imagining how many more mouse clicks and/or keyboard clicks I’d need to do in Cubase to do the same things. I believe almost every other DAW has a multi-tool for a very, very good reason, so I’m hoping that that list is incomplete.

Is it a German thing to have lots of clicking about when it’s not at all necessary and can be done much faster and more intuitively? :smiley: NI, also a German company, has the same issue, and it’s mind boggling to me…seems like an obvious thing to do that every single user would appreciate. Unless, again, some people love clicking lots of times and/or mousing about to do things that you wouldn’t need to do that for if it had better design???

And I think the channel strip could be the one on the bottom…

Incremental update it is then. Let’s hope there are lots of smaller refinements which can add up to make a solid release

Getting ready to launch…

New Youtube videos coming all the time now:

So, a lot of what the people was asking: NO…Bunch of loops: YES

(midi bezier, ARA, smart tool, smart quantize…you know, things that make our job easier)

I clearly don´t understand steinberg choices anymore…well there goes another year waiting

ARA2 is coming in 2019 quarter 1.

Based on newly uploaded videos on youtube, I can see still no smart tool for piano roll in Cubase 10. At first glance, it looks like this update contains no workflow improvements, actually.

Will I buy the update? No, thank you, not this time. Really disappointing update.

There is some new smart tool functionality in Variaudio. Nothing major in this release but some good stuff from what I’ve seen.

The easier way to sidechain looks good too (think that feature was taken from PT and Logic).

The new alignment tool is worth every penny of the upgrade price. Very very nice. Variaudio 3 looks cool, hires display support. Lost of other neat stuff. No new killer features besides audio alignment but again that alone…

Looking forward to upgrading.

Looks very nice, a lot more than I would have expected.
The reprogramming of all the Windows, and high dpi support must have been a real grind.

Great news, my hope lives again! :smiley: I will probably postpone my Cubase 10 update till ARA is finally here. After that, this update would be definitely worth the money for me.

I take back my previous weak comment. Thanks for focusing on the GUI and workflow enhancements. Cubase is already a beast and making it easier and faster to use as well as ergonomic is really all it needs. Well done!

Yeah, a video mentioned that over 1000 windows have been redesigned to use high dpi :open_mouth:

C10 looks awesome!
VariAudio 3, ARA2, AAF, Edit Mode, HighDPI, Audio alignment, Mixer Snapshots, GUI updates, Latency Monitor, new Hitpoint detection, performance improvements, Channel strip update, GA5, MPE support, and a bunch of other things, it just goes on and on…! :sunglasses:

I hope that is correct, but may I ask where you got that information at?

Some interest in the following in C10:
a) AAF - is it now expanded to also transfer midi clips?
Project of today is at least in my case more than half midi.
b) Latency Monitor - a bit halfbaked, missing the stuff that ProTools has - intergrated into a rack module is latency on what is on the track, and total how much is this track delayed when project is played back - this beside manual track delay which Cubase has. I guess Cubase helps a bit with that seeing how much is loaded on the track, but seeing what to mute to make additional recordings late, is not there.

c) Mixconsole snapshots - no automation is included, so you cannot test various variations of automation you want to try - carefully listen A/B.
A little cool, to try various compressor plugins in each snapshot though - things I do all the time.

I’m waiting for v10.5 and see what that brings next year…

I m trying to install Cubase 10 right now but during the update the following message appears : "steinberg library manager is trying to install a new helper tool ".
I have to enter my admin password but then the install keeps on looping, always showing the same error message.
Did anyone have this problem?

So it’s out.

And I so hoped for a session type arrangement + clips fetaures to replace the current cubase arranger list mode.
Lanes, arranger and track versions really aren’t cutting it IMO.

A simple clip management would have made a real difference for many.

Anyway didn’t happen, again.

The main feature I’m hoping for is really the ability to stack instruments and have macro controls to control parameters in each of them. This is much like Logic’s Track Stacks or Ableton Live Racks.

Honestly with the exception of better stability, that’s the only feature I really feel is missing in Cubase for my workflow.

Let’s hope it comes in 10.5.