Welcome to Cubase 10

Hi all,

Today we proudly announce the release of the tenth iteration of Cubase. Version 10 introduces lots of new features, new designs and many usability and workflow improvements. We have improved the performance and added quite some sound, loop and instrument content. Some new features come directly from your feature requests, like the VariAudio improvements, Audio Alignment, MixConsole Snapshots, effect plug-in drag-and-drop from the Rack, AAF support, HiDPI and small things like the “replace sample inplace” in Groove Agent SE 5. You will notice that we added “ARA support” to the new feature list with a “coming soon” tag. We are planning to release an update in Q1/2019 that will introduce ARA 2. It’s coming. I guess some of you may have asked for this as well. There are also some new workflows that are not featured on the “new feature” page, like cleaned up context menus, the new add-track dialogue, the small improvements on some of our plug-ins like the Cloner, or the improved Hitpoint Detection. Tempo is now support up to 360 BPM, there is a new color picker panel and more…

Of course we couldn’t answer all of your feature requests in this release. We know that there is still a lot on our to do list including some long term requests. We haven’t forgotten about those. Please keep your ideas and suggestions coming and we will listen and improve Cubase with every release. Just stay respectful and positive and we will be happy to join the discussion.

There will be a new “Cubase 10 Feedback Survey” launched along with the C10 release. So please participate as soon as you have updated to C10 and got familiar with the improvements.

Cubase 10 Feedback Survey

On behalf of the whole Cubase team in Hamburg I wish you lots of inspiration, creativity and fun producing music with our latest release.

Best regards,

Anything at all on the Track Archive / Preset / Disabled track nightmare?

Hi Matthias, thanks for the heads up, and congrats for the new version
Can I ask if it is any hope for long awaited features like the smart tool, enhanced midi editing like midi bezier curves and a smart quantize function.

I believe that in recent times Steinberg has been turning away from composers to focus more on producers. And features that would make our daily work more easier are put on hold, to accomodate for loops or chord pads.
So, summing up, can you tell us if those features are coming soon?:
Smart tool
Midi editing enhancement (bezier curves and smart quantize)


Have you already updated to Cubase 9.5.41? I think there has been a fix for an issue with disabled tracks/track archives.

Both requests are on our to do list. But I cannot make any statements about future releases.

Thanks for the quick answer but, being realistic, we would have to wait a full year for those features to happen, don´t we?

Is there a way that users can have their say in the priority of the features being developed?


Both VariAudio3 and ARA2! Now, this is excellent news. And AAF, HiDPI, performance boost and this and that.
Seems it will be an excellent C10 update with some of the most screamed for features now implemented! :slight_smile:

Curious to check it out… some already start to list missing things. Sure some will come for 10.5 :smiley:
I hope Edit Mode could make it too (small thing, but Nuendo only for some odd reason).
Well, let’s enjoy 10!

I like the idea of the audio align feature, that looks really useful.

The Edit Mode from Nuendo is included in C10!

I’m still on 9.0.40, but I understand it’s still not fixed in the latest 9.5 build and it’s not in the chamgelog. After many years of it being broken and still no enhanced track presets in 10, this is intensely disappointing.

Ah, that too! Excellent! :open_mouth: :smiley:

Happy about that ARA2 announcement!

Unfortunately it’s not that easy. There are many different stakeholders involved, there are many different user groups, there are a lot of dependencies in the development. It’s a lot about compromises and finding the right mix.

Hi Pablo,
I totally agree with you! I hope they implement these soon.

Great to see the Roli Seaboard support (and other MPE instruments) although now my videos on the subject are obsolete :astonished: …oh…well, I prefer it’s now an integrated part. Hope you didn’t forget to get rid of the ±12 pitch range limit :wink:

All in all Cubase 10 looks great and overal promising. Thanks :slight_smile:

Thank you ! It seems someone from Steinberg finally read the request features of the forum.
That’s the main feature I was asking for years. I would have switched to another DAW if you hadn’t introduced it, as using Melodyne in Cubase takes so much time.

Has there been any update to expression maps? Don’t see any mention

ok, thanks, I appreciate you being here in what I presume must be a pretty nervous day in the office due to the launching.
Please tell the guys there we composers need more midi tools! and maybe you could squeeze them in the Q1 ARA update?

AAF and Edit Mode! That’s exactly what I wanted!

Love this update from what I’ve read and seen on YouTube. Not much fancy new toys as in past updates, but improvements of workflow and under the hood things. Especially AAF and ARA. Just afraid that I can dump Melodyne, because VariAudio 3 does the job now :wink:
Make Cubase Pro again :smiley: