Cubase 10 extreme real time peaks

Hello guys,

I know that Cubase 10 was supposed to help with lag spikes and VST performance problems when using a multi-core processor.
I used Cubase 8 with no problems at all, now I’ve changed my workstation completely and I’m using a much much better computer.

Intel i9 7900X 10 cores, 64 gigs, Gigabyte Motherboard with LGA2066 socket and… Cubase 8 was doing great. I’ve decided to upgrade it to Cubase 10 and I have problems all over the place. Performance lags, real time peaks and it doesn’t really matter how many VSTs I’ve got loaded.
Turning the Hyper Threading off doesn’t work. ASIO Guard.

This is really stressing me out as I can’t work comfortably. Is this a known issue and are there any updates that are already planned. Or maybe is there a possible fix?

Thank you so much,

I am having the same problems as you… cubase 10 is a nightmare

Same problems here, also 7900x
Crashes, lags, hangs all over the place. Even it sometimes gets stuck at 0% when exporting audio… cubase 10 is a nightmare

Hi! I am having the same issue. Did you find a solution? The Real Time Peak is so high that the sessions crashes. I didn’t have this troubles with Cubase Pro 9.5. (Already with Cubase Pro 10.0.10)

I’m having the same issue

My 9.5 is working stable…
Just upgraded to 10 …26 Dec…
Snap crack pop what is the deal this is not working.
Exactly the same settings in both …
I guess I’m stuck with 9.5…
Why did I even bother upgrade:(

After the upgrade… Still nothing. This is really a nightmare.

Do you know if somebody from the support actually comes here and see our posts from time to time? Or maybe there is a way of contacting them? It would be nice to know if they even know that this problem is still around here.

I’m glad I stuck to 9.5! ill wait till 10.5 lol. Steinberg when will you learn.

Honestly, IGPU was a huge problem for me. Ditched Nvidia (more problems) now using AMD external Gpu.

next was my Cpu was overheating.I ditched the stock intel cooler & purchased this silent cooler.

Check your cpu temps with a full loaded cubase project on loop. should not be over 66C

No, or not very likely. This is a user-to-user forum although you do see Steinberg folks on occasion. For a lot of locations (US for sure) use My Steinberg to submit a support request. Response seems to vary by location, in US it has been good for me. And in some locations (not sure where) support is provided by the local distributor. This seems to be iffy.

First most folks are not having the performance issues the folks posting here are seeing. These kinds of issues almost always end up being an interaction between Cubase and the specific hardware on your computer. (For an excellent general overview of this )

Most (but not all) of you have posted that you are seeing a problem and yet you have provided zero info about your configuration. You will never get an answer that way. This is why we encourage folks to put their system info in their sigs so we don’t have to keep asking about it (hint, hint :wink: ).

Try the test shown in the video of comparing real-time playback with exporting audio to start sleuthing where bottlenecks might be occurring. Good luck.

My VST peaks problem was always connected with video card (NVidia GTX980). Both in 9.5 and 10.
Computer that I have is strong enough to handle tons of plugins, but I noticed, that only some of them
made peaks for me. Those best looking plugins, especially with real-time frequency analyzer with blur option.
Problem with peaks appeared only when some of VST plugins were loaded and visible on screen.
After closing their windows everything was working fine.
If I remember some Fabfilter plug-ins (especially mono mode) were problematic, also Stereo Tool from flux:
That’s how I’ve learned to close vst plugin window just after edits (fab)… or use older version of plugin without blurying option(flux).
I know it is not a solution, but maybe path to follow.

Its usually audio and video drivers that causes this problem. Check if you are using the latest drivers.
And if using Windows 10, remember that it sometimes rolls back the drivers to earlier versions when making big windows updates.
So always check your drivers. I had spikes and crashes, but updating my drivers (again) solved that.

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Same here on 7820x. C9.5 works fine, C10 introduces huge real time peaks on the VEP6 tracks connected to the slave. The peak ranges on the meter are going from around 10% to 100%, very unstable, jerking up and down during playback of a very light project, nevermind if those tracks have anythingbto play or not, it peaks as long as they are record enabled.

I tried everything to solve this, AG on/off, fresh win install, video drivers (amd), pref rebuild (this introduced even more peaks) etc… Nothing helped so I went back to 9.5. The only thing left is to rebuild my template, but I would need days for it, and to see that it didn’t help in the end… no go!

Somehow 24h trial didn’t show the issue, maybe I haven’t tested it properly but it’s a shame blowing money on a non-functional softwarr.

I had the same problems in Cubase 8, 9, 9.5. After replacing the SSD, the problems have disappeared. The SSD works without problems on another computer, but in Cubase it caused problems. It is not known why.

Sure, there are many causes of the real time peaks, but ppl in this tread are having this problem with v10, and not with the earlier ones. My 9.5 works great with no such issues. Everything the same, project, settings, template, prefs, etc…

Same here with AMD 1700X. Works better in 9.5

I am having the same issue. my latencyMon shows very low execution time and i get lots of random pops and crackles. I just spent hours troubleshooting. I even put my buffer size up to 512 and same thing. I do software support and already ran tools like ‘windows performance recorder’ to try and trace if there were any issues with my OS or interrupts with the CPU but there is none.

Steinberg I do software support for a living so if you need any traces on this let me know!! Seems like a lot of people are having the issue upgrading from 9.5 > 10 and experiencing pops.

I don’t have this issue anymore. Actually it was very briefly a problem that I somehow fixed very soon after my last post in January. Really not sure how.

Cubase 10 as given me so many performance problems that i went go back to cubase 7.5. It´s sad because i was pretty hyped out, with my new high end 3000 euros computer with a dedicated OS MM2 ssd driver, really a great machine with a great Processor etc… when i begun working with Cubase 10 all that hype was washed out with stress and loss of time since i do work with some relevant gaming developers…i have all the cubase versions back to cubase 5, and i found out the most stable version in heavy related projects( plugins, scores, tracks etc…) was actually the version 7.5…so my iLicenser says cubase 10 but im on cubase 7.5 tx so much Steinberg for making cubase 7.5!! and tx as well for misleading me on upgrading and spending my money(once again) in cubase 10, you really know how to please your clients. When i installed cubase 10 i was so mad that i bought studio one 3 but after 2 days i had to be honest with myself, after working with cubase for almost 15 years i couldn’t loose that deep knowledge in the workflow of cubase, and thats why i reinstalled version 7.5 and i feel pretty happy now. Surely im not rushing anymore to new cubase upgrades before i deeply make a search for reviews and opinions, i did it on cubase 10 but i was scammed because all the reviews i saw were sponsored by steinberg themselves. Its time to steinberg be more honest with their own brand. By the way i really disliked the new user interface look as well…even your trademark transport bar was modified to the point that i couldn’t even see it on screen…sad decisions without user input. My cubase now has a value of 1175 euros(all the upgrades included) and cubase price is around 600 euros…yeah im making this point because thats a reflection of how much you dont care and value your own customers, these upgrades for clients with cubase already should be way way cheaper…but you know we are loyal and you love to use that to make money!! Sorry for my outburst but i really needed to get out of my chest

If you have a license for 10 you can run 9.5, 9.0, 8.5 etc. - no need to go all the way back to 7.5 or do all of those cause you problems too?

Also, even though all the components in your computer are high-end/expensive doesn’t mean that the final configuration is well suited for audio work (although it may well be). I’m a big proponent of buying PCs that were built for audio and not general purpose. The folks who design these know which components play nice with audio and which don’t. Typically they also have good customer support that understands how their hardware interacts with various software. One of the reasons we encourage folks to put their system specs in their signature (hint, hint) is it makes it easier to spot problems like a graphic card with iffy drivers or whatever.

Getting huge ASIO peaks when trying to record guitar over short looping audio, plus continuous, almost cascading CPU overload errors.
The same project and actions in C10.0.50 do not cause any such issues at all.