Cubase 10 GUI (suite)

(Here I am only talking about GUI, users who are insensitive to this aspect are not concerned.) And forgive my approximate English.

In graphics, when working on a GUI, it is necessary to apply basic principles:

  1. bring out the essential in a clear and straightforward way;
  2. do not add superfluous elements, frills, that blur the direct graphic message (do not make the style and container questions more important than the message);
  3. save clicks and clicks.
  4. never remove usual functions if possible, except conflict.
  5. Do not get stuck in a cul-de-sac by stubbornness on one orientation, and do not correct an error with two mistakes.

DORICO does that. Bravo.

Cubase 10 is a counter-example of that. An example not to follow. Everywhere unnecessary and rude frames (around the tools, in addition to the contrasting background: no need for a frame, you can see better without!), And often long stupid paths (as for the colors! Forward, backward, left, right) …but who is the person who did this? Simple: leave the board open! Even children’s drawing software understood this). Everyone will have his list. The stupid blackness of the GUI, without the possibility of a clear interface, stupid color management and the loss of the old GUI customization features are at the top of my list. Also the elevator scrolls ridiculously narrow. On an HD screen, it feels like grabbing a pin.

The people of Steinberg, very stubborn about their internal considerations, are certain to be right today, as they thought they were right yesterday and the day before yesterday. Question: If they were right yesterday or the day before yesterday, why today transform the GUI by removing possibilities? Why not enrich the offer instead of throwing out the old functions, old colors and facilities?

One way to save the situation? Only allow a return to 9.5 style. At least ! Just the option. An approximate return to the older, traditional Cubase GUI would be appreciated by many users. Something impossible at 100%, but partially, overall, yes.

In the meantime, I returned to 9.5, and also to Pro Tools. Avid does not ransack his GUI every year. Developments are always in a sense of consolidation. With Steinberg, it’s adventure, anything anytime. And we pay for that …

I couldnt agree more. I think every major Cubase release in recent memory has has a GUI redesign. The amount of wasted man-hours used on GUI redesign would surely be better put into workflow enhancement

I would have been very happy if the new Cubase UI was based on the design language of Dorico. What a disappointing missed opportunity.

Just looked at the promotional Video for Dorico. Wow. That’s a clear interface. Nice Color pallet, nice fonts, clear structure. In Comparison to Dorico Cubase looks so dated.

I nearly had a heart attack thinking I was going blind until I realised it must have been a bug…
Screen Shot 2018-12-13 at 12.31.27.png



It must be made clear to Steinberg! go get Daniel Spreadbury, the creator of Dorico. It comes from Sibelius, good but with a toy interface. Dorico is made for professionals. Cubase 10 it looks like a toy for fans with a graphic style that looks like t-shits.

Ho yes !

Totally agree ! Steinberg has no sense for the importance of good design obviously. If this was my company, i’d fire those in charge of the design changes immediately. I posted a very similar thread, in one of it’s posts further below compared the GUI to the design of the Adobe apps (screenshot), who did it right.

I’m now working with 9.5 most of the time, too. Good job.

" Pro Tools. Avid does not ransack his GUI every year."

So true as well as Logic, StudioOne etc