the crappy new GUI of Cubase 10 (yes, it's only a rant)

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i just deleted my old post and added this instead:

my initial anger about the new GUI has gone. Since i moved from 24" to 27" displays with 2K resolution, Cubase looks - without exaggeration - really fantastic and indeed much better than Cubase 9. It’s really worth to upgrade your display(s) if you’re in the same situation and dislike the big fonts etc. on smaller screens. For more info and screenshots see my later post:

One point of criticism still is that there was no note about the GUI being optimized for larger screens (only), and/or that users can’t switch to the old GUI as a preference.

I imagine the 2d element comes from the need to able to scale easily between different resolutions in hd.

I don’t mind the 2d but It’s at odds with the control room gui with more realistic knobs etc. They need to go one way or the other - feels a bit unfinished at the moment.

I’m not sure, but i doubt the 2D elements are actually scalable vector images. I think a set of the former 3D buttons for the most common resolutions would have worked, too.
To me it feels like the GUI wants to look more modern and “hip”, as unfortunately many apps follow the trend since the flat design of Windows 10. I’ll never understand this “me too” mentality of software developers. Instead of having a sense for good design and the spine to keep it, they go with the flow just for the sake of changing something.

“feels a bit unfinished at the moment.”
Thats my impression too…when i look at the mixer - they mixed 2D and 3D very awfully too (no pun intended).

only thing I don’t like is the blazing white of selected track - it fries my eyes. Apart from that I like it apart from the ugly record and playback buttons - they like toyish

It is clean looking. FINALLY

I think it’s FAR BETTER than the previous design, they did a GREAT job. Now it’s in line with my Adobe apps which I use a lot as well. Clear, modern, consistent and a joy to look at. Try looking at Studio One for any period of time as it all blends together into a flat mess.
“You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time”.

Personally I think the UI is better than 9.5 however till fugly in places and the inspector still requires too many clicks to get stuff done. Would have preferred more work flow elements to be honest although it is prettier to look at (at least to my eyes).

“You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time”.

Design is not (only) about pleasing people, but has a clear function. I’d never start a discussion about taste.

I agree about the very good design of the Adobe Apps - but when you compare them closely, you will notice that Adobe has done it way better: smaller fonts, precisely designed icons, the tool icons are a bit darker (which may seem subtle, but when you have them all in context it makes a huge difference). Especially look at the difference in brightness of the photoshop rulers and the top measures/rulers in Cubase (you can adjust the grid color, but not the rulers on top - why?). The greater contrast in cubase is not pleasing but harsh to the eyes. And why the fonts need to be bold and huge is something only known to the evening breeze and maybe some glaucoma suffering CEO at steinberg.
If steinberg would adapt the flat yet low contrast and precise - almost dainty - design of Adobe apps i’d be more than happy.

See here:

for some reason mine looked a whole lot better after a rebuild, I would try moving your pref. out the way and seeing how it looks after some new ones are created.

What rebuild do you mean? Have I missed something?

What I notice is inconsistancy in sharpness of the fonts in the various drop-down menu-windows at the top.
I have not experienced this before.

Not missed anything, I often completely rebuild my machine with a new install of Window’s, but I am an IT Manager and extremely fussy about the state of my PC… So I recently took the opportunity of installing both the latest version of Windows 1809 and Cubase 10 as a fresh install.
I was simply trying to suggest that when I first installed Cubase 10 my colour scheme was a bit off, and after I had rebuilt (reinstalled Windows) the PC, Cubase looked a lot better…
The fastest way to do this in your case is follow the following instructions.
Initializing preferences
And seeing if it helps matters…… you have nothing to lose, and if you follow above you don’t need to go to the lengths I did.

Can’t they make Cubase skin customisable as far as GUI? Maybe I’m asking too much but surely this is the only way to please everybody? Eg For those that like the 9.5 look, or 7 look etc. All functionality should remain intact, rather only the cosmetics are changed.

I don’t mind the flat look at all. My complaints are two-fold

  1. A LOT of windows, which are supposed to simplify life, now actually make life more complicated examples: the ‘simplified’ right-click menu, and the new color picker which no longer shows you the -names- of your colors. In each case, what -looks- simpler on the surface now takes MORE steps.

  2. The GUI is now in the half-finished world of VST5 circa 2000… right before SX1. About 20% of the windows are still in Cubase 9 style. This is amateurish to say the least. It’s like “Well, we’ll just make it all consistent in 10.1, what they hey.”

This is the first version since SX4 where I genuinely regret having upgraded. I had developed a sense of trust basically along the lines of “I may not agree with the new features, but I trust SB to not mess up the basic UX.” But 10.0 is genuinely more difficult to use in my day to day activities.

The fonts in all the menus are almost not readable now!
Running on Win 10.
A great disappointment for me too.
It is not the usual inconvenience in every upgrade, it makes my life harder…

The fonts in the menu bar on Windows look horrible.
Actually - the menu bar on windows totally sucks - what a weird design decision. I wish they could get rd of it. PCs are not macs!!

being 2d is fine, and there is a tendency to simplify interfaces everywhere nowdays.
but Steinberg, indeed, done it in an ugly way. strange fonts, strange fat lines, and shapes…
some useful features are gone

they wanted to look Modern but forgot to hire a Modern GUI designer.

It looks like f*ing Seaquest. Or circa 2003 Radeon packaging.

:open_mouth: I would like to politely make a point and that is , l’m having a nightmare with the GUI Windows 10 and a 4K monitor .The new control in preferences HDPI when check marked it makes everything oversized . my 4k monitor tended to make things to small and now with the new control HDPI its not helping me .is this a common problem that a setting that I have missed that would put this right for me .i’m an old rock & roller born in the Forties I still like to try and make music though but I need a little help with a 4k monitor and setting

I have v10 an really I hate the GUI at all, are fat and with extremely contrast, not pleasing for my eyes. The font are basic, thin and big, truncate every time specially in the mixer window. Absolutely not suitable for small laptop screens. The faded color on tracks parts are look like toys, I love the GUI from FL Studio or Live tracks parts, solid flat and with a very good fonts applied. And the last v10 have a lots of bugs in the Option/Preferences when use custom colors.

I hope that Steinberg put more attention to this ugly GUI.

Mind you, I would never compare a software that is designed for graphics work to something that is meant for audio work…

graphic/visual/video programs are going to need a different approach, in which they might actually intentionally sacrifice visibility for the sake of not having elements/colours/contrasts that detract from the actual video/graphic work being tended to.


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