Cubase 10 recognizes the native instrument as vst2 and puts it on the blacklist

Cubase 10 recognizes the native instrument as vst2 and puts it on the block list. Does anyone know the solution? i use windows 10

Install the NI plugins again and make sure that only the 64bit versions go into this folder. The folder name “VSTPlugins 64bit” is no guarantee that the plugins in this folder are also the 64bit versions.

I erased the blocked plug-in files and installed them again through Native Access, but it doesn’t work the same way.

Had the same problem with Kontakt VST…couldn’t figure it out. I reinstalled Kontakt VST as an administrator and then it worked. May work for you.

Do you mean how to run native access as an administrator and install native instruments vst files?

Opened up native access and right clicked on kontakt player (run as administrator) nad installed it

That method doesn’t work for me.

Absynth5 and FM8 are files that run independently of the kontakt player.

“unknown” as a comment is kinda weird. If it were 32bit plugins, it would say yo.
Dou you have other plugins from NI? If yes, do those load without problems?

Other native instruments, including kontakt, have no problem. I installed Complete12. Only FM8 and Absynth5 are recognized as VST2.

All NI products are still in VST2 format . In your case FM8 an d Absynth are recognized as 32bit version.
Cubase no longer supports 32 bit, but VST2 is still supported.

Those files are 64bit correct. Why is it recognized as 32bit?

You can try the following:
Quit Cubase
Search in the user settings folder
(e.g. “C: \ Users \ … \ AppData \ Roaming \ Steinberg \ Cubase 10_64”)
the file
Vst2xPlugin Blacklist Cubase.xml
Delete this file.
(It will be regenerated the next time Cubase is started)

If you want to look more closely at the problem:
Open the blacklist file with a text editor

Find the sections that belong to your plugins, mark these areas, starting with < item > up to < / item > and delete them, then save the file.

Here is just an example of what that might look like:

regards, Pat

Vst2xPlugin Blacklist Cubase Artist
Vst2xPlugin Infos Cubase Artist
Vst2xPlugin SearchPaths Cubase Artist
Vst2xPlugin Whitelist Cubase Artist

These are XML files that I deleted, and it was useless to delete them.
I have a cubase elements version and an artist version installed on my computer, and do these files sometimes conflict with each other?

Deleting the files is in fact useless, yes. You need to delete the sections in the Blacklist.xml file that correspond to the plugins, as P.A.T described in the previous post. If Cubase doesn’t find the plugins in the blacklist file, it will put them in the regular plugin list and you can use them. Whether that is a stable solution remains to be seen, but I have done that several times in the past with plugins that were blacklisted and it worked. It’s worth a try.

May I know how to add a blacklist file to the Regular Plug-in list?

Like PAT describe in this post:

I opened the XML file with a text file as above and deleted the area up to item/item, but when I run the cubase, it goes back to its original state and is blacklisted the same way.

Do you have any other host software for VST plugins besides Cubase? It would be interesting whether the relevant plugins can be loaded there.

Currently, I only have the DAW file I have in cubase. If I have another DAW file, I will test it.