Cubase 10 release date.

Anyone know when C10 will be release? I know this is probably a secret but it would be very useful for me to know? Any idea? Oct? Sept? November?


Well you can see previous release dates here for what that’s worth.

Every answer you get on here will only be speculation by folks who don’t really know.

Thursday… I know for sure…

Thanks for that. Didn’t realize it was that steady. Since 2009 that is. So i guess it won’t be coming out in sept. or even oct. for that matter?

Why are you asking? In the history of the universe no software company has given release dates in advance without being punished for it afterward.

really? What’s so wrong about giving release date? or maybe this is sarcasm.

They are punished by their customers if they miss the date, or they are punished when their competitor releases their update a few days earlier.

I see.


Cubase X is going to be the biggest release ever, so… i think this one might be right at the end of the year or even winter Namm… There is no way Steinberg is going to release X without it being the biggest, baddest mofo of a DAW with some MAJOR mind blowing features. I think some patience is in order for this one! :slight_smile:

I’m wanting to get back into recording (I had Cubase SX 1 back in the day…) and am wondering if I should wait until X comes out or buy 9.5 and then upgrade afterwards if needed. Are there free upgrades or anything like that at all from previous versions?

In the past there has always been an upgrade path but with certain time restrictions. I’m sure more information will trickle out as we get closer to ‘X’ release date…

Assuming they do what they’ve done in the past there will be cutoff date where if you buy C9.5 after that date the upgrade to 10 is free. But trying to time a purchase to get the upgrade can be tricky since they don’t announce the cutoff date until the new version is released.

For a more informed decision here’s some previous dates

I cross my fingers to get something similar to logic audio to edit drums.

I mean in terms of time stretch on multiple tracks.

Are you sure Cubase X is going to be the biggest release ever? Or are you just hoping and guessing? Cause i would sure like to know. The thing is i don’t want to miss 9.5 but something comes up every time I’m about to pull the trigger…

Of course I don’t have any insider info or anything… it is just a guess. Apple did do that with Logic X 5 years back now, and I think Steinberg will make sure cubase X is something very extra special. It’s just a feeling/thought/hope.

“biggest release ever”, and the upgrade for free to users of more than ten years…thought that might create some waves with other users :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh please, Steinberg - don’t call it Cubase X. :blush:

Call it Cubase X’s :slight_smile:
I expect a very minor update tbh. There a so many old menus and windows that need to be updated to the current GUI .
I don’t expect them to be able to add a crazy amount of features while also updating the legacy code.
Whatever happens I’ll take it and moan about it later.

As long as they continue to improve old tools, I will be happy.

Changing my generic remote layouts for a upcomming project. Is a pain. XML editing all the way. Doing it with the outdated tools in Cubase, takes way to loong :laughing: