Cubase 10 vs 10.5 events look

Hey guys,

making the shift from 10 to 10.5, but i noticed that the event blocks in 10.5 look more like 2D/Pro Tools/SX3 rather than the softer 3D-ish look in 10.

Is there a way to get that softer events look back in 10.5 in preferences?

See attachment for what i mean.

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I also liked the 10.0 version better, but lots of people here seem to prefer that flat version :confused:

Forgot to attach images,

see below.
Foto 16-11-2019 11 42 37.jpg
Foto 16-11-2019 11 46 37.jpg

Haha ok! But is there a way to set that back or is it set definitely?

Yep, I hate that flat look as well. It’s actually one of the graphics things that I preferred in Cubase over other DAWs. I’m not against change, but I really wish companies would allow people to choose which one they want. The older one ALREADY EXISTS, WHY REMOVE IT??? Just add the new one and allow people to choose, just like people can choose which background color they want instead of just having it coal black in 10.0 for example.

Have to say that I really prefer having the flat look here. It looks much more organized and is easier on the eye. Especially when you’re editing in cubase for several hours. I would not mind having an option where you can enable/disable that, but it would be really bad if they would revert it like it was on 10.0


One of the new things in Cubase 10.5 was greatly improved scrolling, zooming and project navigation. Might be one reason why the gradients were removed, I for one prefer performance over gradients.

Makes sense,

but what exactly is improved in scrolling and zooming etc? Like more fluid?

less stuttery, less FPS drop maybe?

Thank God for flatter events! Loving 10.5.

I really HATE flat events

Spot on.

AND it looks better that way. For me anyway.

But this begs the question: Why programming blinky blanky nonsense stuff that worsens the performance in the first place…

Fine… But why the 3D events display feature has suddenly been integrated, out of nowhere and without choice, since Cubase 6.0 at first place ? Where is the coherence ? :confused:

Constantly changing the UI display is not a substitute for solving the ever lasting bugs that are still remaining : Generic Remote definitions comes to mind at first… :unamused:

Yeah I’ve noticed everything is a lot snappier on OSX Mojave, they made great improvements before this but now it’s really fluid. I thought at first I missed the gradient vibe but the more I’m working with the flat look I feel like this is actually the best looking flat GUI I’ve seen, better than Ableton / Logic / Studio One. It’s easier to see all of the details - looks clear with background color modulation as well. Nice job!

the new look is much clearer and fells more fluid. That was the right step.

I don’t care for the flat look either.
I do think if folks have lower powered computers they should be free to make it look as DOS-like as possible so it will run well for them though. Practicality > Ux


I slightly prefer the gradients, but the flat look is fine too. I find the flat to be a little more sensitive to the color than the gradients, like some dark reds make seeing the event a little more difficult in the flat iteration versus the gradient version. That said, I’d just use a lighter shade if that were the case.

I don’t care either way, but it’s another example of, “if you’re going to screw with UI elements like this, why not just add a preference?” I don’t necessarily always want a million preferences (Reaper can be overwhelming for that reason), but there’s already some UI Customization preferences and a lot of empty space in those windows for new options.