Cubase 10. Worst update till now

Am I the only 1 to think that this Cubase 10 release is just the most buggy version and release in years?

The problems I am having are just too numerous to mention. A $100 update that till now feels like it should have been a free update to 9.5.
I am deeply disappointed in Steinberg for this release. Whoever did the beta testing needs firing !! This should not have been released in this state.

This feels like a 100% money grabber !! Almost the end of the year… quick bring out 10… don’t test it we will try to sort it out before Cubase 11 becomes available.

9.5 worked beautifully on release… this is an insult to paying customers.


Worst version ever. I never had problems buying new releases before. Good 9.5 still works.
Yea it feels like we paid to be beta-testers, not a fun feeling.

This version of the upgrade is indeed the worst one I think Cubase is. Are we really using money to test for them? This makes me very depressed…

Each and every x.0 version has lots of bugs. We all know and expect that. Nobody forces us with a gun to our head to buy the new versions immediately after release.

I do agree that some bugs are hard to miss, and I sometimes wonder myself how the beta-test team managed to let them slip by. But as long as they fix them in the first maintenance update, it’s fine with me.

What I do not like (and that, unfortunately has been a pattern with Steinberg/Yamaha forever) is that they introduce bugs that take little time to fix but have a great impact on the workflow/usability and then NEVER fix them. Or sometimes they do, but only in the next paid update. That’s very bad customer service.

I can’t understand why steinberg came out with so many new changes that slow down production process, aren’t any of them music producers / recording engineers / mixers ?? Or they don’t use cubase as their daw ?

I was happy about the new features - they really are great - in theory…
I have to say that I also think that this is BY FAR the worst update release ever. While 9.5(.4) runs well and smooth I have not managed to work with 10 longer that 30 Minutes because it terminates on several different occasions and operations that seem to be totally random (just to name one: In a project with ONE audio track upon disabling the tempo track boom cubase 10 terminates.)
If I had a chance to do so I’d ask for my money back - this is VERY DISAPOINTING.
I never thought Steinberg would risk it’s reputation by releasing such a bad implementation.
And no, @stoman, I don’t agree that it is okay to have customers pay for an update (or a full version) of a software that is literally unusable (at least if you work professionally) until the 2nd or 3rd bugfix version is out. I understand that minor bugs might only be discovered when a software product is out in the wild, but this is version is nothing short of a fraud and potentially dangerous to a working pro. I’m pissed of by this, and I never thought it’d come to this with Steinberg, whom I normally have a lot of praise for.
VERY dissapointing.
Sorry for the rant, but it is well deserved.
Did I say that I don’t like the new look?

Cubase 10 nomination - disappointment of the year.
But this does not mean that everything is so bad, considering all the errors, the next update will be great, I think so!

Want to contribute to the nomination of worst x.0 release ever.
I’m inclined to think the code is getting so broken inside that everytime they change something, it get worst and worst.
Are they patching a sinking ship?

I was really excited about the new features. That quickly faded as I realized it broke lots of stuff, even my 9.5! 2 weeks of rebuilding computer from ground up and I finally can work in 9.5 now. I’ll wait next time. Hard lesson learned.

Indeed, 100 euros for software update that crashes around every other corner. The new features are great on paper but their are so full of bugs that the first release of C10 is plain unusable at the moment. Very very disappointing

Yea if I knew 15 years ago how horrible steinberg would be, I would have invested into a different daw

I’m surprised to read all these complaints as I’m using Cubase since the release and I had no issues at all. I believe you guys but probably there must be a problem with your old settings on 9.5, since the new install imports them it could be the reason that creates all those issues.
Have a check on your 9.5 old settings and report if you made some change. I’m sure that it will help Steinberg with the next update.

I can only encourage everyone to open support tickets for every whatsoever issue. This forum was and is many times ignored by them. They promised several times (read recently again in German forum) to listen more but they won’t through the forum. If then the tickets won’t get worked on we can escalate to SB leader board (CEO). This may get the right attention in the end.

By default, Cubase 10 automatically imports the 9.5 settings during the installation. Many problems disappear when you delete your preference folder. Unfortunately, it may not be the best option to overwrite the old 9.5 settings manually either but instead inside of Cubase 10.

Hi all,

I cannot even get a splash screen with Elements 10. %appdata%Steinberg folder for 10_64 is empty. Using 9.5 files doesn’t work, either. Win 8.0. No crash dump in the crash dump folder. I see some indications that ucrtbase is the problem. No response from Steinberg other than that they are swamped, which is no surprise given the number of problems they are having and the seriousness of some of them. I hope that they review (replace?) their beta team, among other improvements.

Dave Clark

I can’t open any of my old projects or templates. Who tested this?


Yeah, never seen anything like this before. It looks promising ,but too many bugs.
If anyone needs me, I’ll be working with version 9.5 ! : :smiley:

some really great new features in vari audio, audio align, side chain management.
but too many workflow changes for the heck of it! too many bugs make this version unusable.
yes, back to 9.5, but i did pay for the upgrade!
Yamaha too big to give a toss about it by now. cubase is a really great DAW, but it is becoming worse and worse.

would be great if that were more efficient. but i just tried to open a ticket. it just sends you off to the national distributor for contact. you can’t even open a direct ticket anymore…

Need to try this…if that’s the case SB will get a big problem!

I am still able to open a support ticket (German license direclty purchased via Steinberg > Store)